Should You Be Worried? 10 Signs of Alcoholism


Alcohol is the #1 abused substance in the world. It’s accessible to everyone, it’s cheap, and it’s what many use to survive within reality. A large percentage of the population enjoys a glass or two of alcoholic drinks now and then, but there is a line you should not cross. How to know when your glass of wine, bottle or beer or other beverage becomes a serious drinking problem?

What are signs of alcoholicRead the 10 signs of alcoholism to learn more:

2You Drink to Cope with Life and Make It Bearable

Your reality is too much to handle, and you don’t have the strength anymore to cope with everyday problems, so you drink to make it easier and to cheer up? If you gave a positive answer to this question, you have a problem to deal with. You have to know no one’s life is easy nowadays, and most of us have daily problems and duties we need to face. If you can’t do this sober, you can’t do it drunk, and if you still choose to drink, when you wake up and get sober, the problems will still be there. Alcohol can cheer you up for a couple of hours only and doing this on daily basis leads nowhere else but into a bigger problem that you will have to face tomorrow morning. You need to understand that you need to make changes within your life so you can be happy without alcohol. Hanging out with friends can be fun without getting drunk if you are with right people who you like. Over time, alcohol will make you more sensitive, and after you drink, you can frequently either turn aggressive with others or depressed.

Drinking Just to Be a Part of the “Cool Group”

symptoms of alcoholismIf you drink just to feel accepted in your social group, then you have a serious problem not only with drinking but a self-esteem problem as well. You won’t become a different or a better person after a few bottles of beer; you will just become tipsy and more talkative. But what you are saying the more your drink may not be that coherent or you might say or do things you regret.  You can do this without the drink as well; you just need to work on your self-esteem. Be confident and proud of who you are. If a group of friends do not accept you for who you are, meaning no drinking, then they are not worth your time. Don’t ruin your life over opinion and approval of people who are shallow and don’t respect you enough.


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