Should You Be Worried? 10 Signs of Alcoholism

Are you an alcoholic

Alcohol is the #1 abused substance in the world. It’s accessible to everyone, it’s cheap, and it’s what many use to survive within reality. A large percentage of the population enjoys a glass or two of alcoholic drinks now and then, but there is a line you should not cross. How to know when your glass of wine, bottle or beer or other beverage becomes a serious drinking problem?

What are signs of alcoholicRead the 10 signs of alcoholism to learn more:

1Memory Problems and Blackouts

When we drink too much, the alcohol level in our blood is so high, it affects our brain functions and causes temporary memory loss. Blackouts and memory problems can be an indicator of alcohol abuse, especially if they are on regular basis. A certain sign you are addicted to alcohol is drinking until you have a blackout, or you pass out. This may cause severe brain damage, even permanent damage to brain functions.

You Can’t Manage to Go a Day Without Drinking

Signs of AlcoholismIf you tried and you failed, you can be sure you have a problem. Trying to quit but not being able shows you are already at least somewhat addicted, and you probably will need professional help to get through this. We all try to control our alcohol intake; we decide when to have a glass of wine and when to refuse because we are driving or for other reasons, but not being able to say “no” to drinking is a serious problem. If you can’t do it by yourself, don’t be ashamed to talk to your friends or family and let them know you have a problem. They will help you and be there for support, so you know you are never alone in this. If you wait too long, your body becomes physically addicted to alcohol and your attempt to stop drinking could severely harm your health. Stop before stopping could kill you.



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