Colon Cancer Symptoms: 10 Early Warning Signs You Need to Know

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Colon cancer symptoms are something that each of us needs to be aware of.  Depending upon the progression of the cancer, it can be treatable if caught soon enough and depending upon how far it has spread.  So knowing what to look for is critical to successfully identifying and treating any signs of colon cancer as quickly as possible.

We’ve outlined the main symptoms of colon cancer and the signs to look out for.

Colon Cancer Symptoms & Signs

1Finding Blood in Stools

Any changes in bowel habits or your stools is something to note.  And if you find blood on, or mixed in with your stools, it could be a sign that you have bowel cancer. The blood may vary in color from dark, or bright red, and might be mixed with mucus. Schedule a visit with your doctor and they will send off a stool sample for what is called a fecal occult blood test with their laboratory.

Changes in Stools

Another sign to pay attention to your bowel movements and stools – If your stools are quite dark in color, or even maroon, and appear sticky, then this could be caused by bleeding which is due to bowel cancer. In between times, you may experience normal bowel movements. Be aware that you may see changes in your stools’ width – Stools can become very narrow or even seem to be ribbon-like.  Or it may be only be as wide as a standard pen.



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