Calories Burned – 22 Easy Ways How to Burn More Calories

how to burn 100-200 Calories Per Day

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With most people leading incredibly busy and demanding lives, many of us don’t get enough time to go to the gym or workout so calories burned in a day drop. For those that do have the time to go to the gym every day, you’re pretty lucky. With a ton of jobs being 8 hours (or more) of sit-behind-a-desk jobs, it’s time to stay healthy by finding alternative ways of how to burn more calories all day long. The good thing is most of the activities listed here are expert approved and guaranteed to give you the results you’re looking for.

1Increasing Calories Burned – How to Burn More Calories

To get good results, you need to be consistent in whichever task you’re doing in order to burn more calories. If you can successfully burn at least 100 calories per day, this translates to a whooping 36,500 calories per year; doesn’t that sound good?

It’s also wise to choose an activity you love doing, this way you can have fun and at the same time, get rid of excessive fat. The solution to more calories burned in a day consist of sporting activities, house chores and standard workouts. No doubt, a lot of them require your commitment.

Sit on the Floor

sit on the floor

This sounds weird but sitting on the floor when you’re watching TV as opposed to your favorite couch can help you to burn more calories. Research has proven that when you sit on the floor, your muscles are under pressure because they’re compelled to support your entire body. In addition, you have to spend more energy in order to rise up on your feet each time you want a drink.



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