Calories Burned – 22 Easy Ways How to Burn More Calories


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With most people leading incredibly busy and demanding lives, many of us don’t get enough time to go to the gym or workout so calories burned in a day drop. For those that do have the time to go to the gym every day, you’re pretty lucky. With a ton of jobs being 8 hours (or more) of sit-behind-a-desk jobs, it’s time to stay healthy by finding alternative ways of how to burn more calories all day long. The good thing is most of the activities listed here are expert approved and guaranteed to give you the results you’re looking for.

2Perform Manual Tasks

After being behind your desk all day and attending meetings, try to engage in an energy demanding manual task that will push you to the limits. For instance, if you’re in still in the office, you can choose to file while standing (this takes up 18 calories), rearrange your office space or water your plants when you get home (15 calories).

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Hula Hooping – Burn More Calories Easily!

burn more calories

Some of you may not know this little factoid but 20 minutes of hula hooping is enough to burn up to 200 calories. If you’ve been looking for what burns more calories, try swinging your hips. Just make sure to buy an adult-sized hoop because it’s heavier and larger than the one used by children. This way, you can maintain a steady motion. Hula hooping is an extremely fun activity; you can also do it with your children and enjoy yourself as you bond with them.

Dancing – Calories Burned Accelerator

dancing to burn calories

Never underestimate the power of dancing if you want to shed extra calories. As a matter of fact, whether you’re dancing in a club or in your own living room, you can have a fun way to shed 200 calories in just half an hour. The type of music you choose also has an impact; go for fast paced beats and ensure you’re moving throughout the session.



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