Do You Know These 14 Lung Cancer Symptoms?

what is lung cancer- signs and symptoms

(Updated April, 2018) Lung cancer is one of the top cancer killers around the world and doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Fatalities as a result of lung cancer in the United States exceeds prostate, breast and colon cancer combined. The fact that lung cancer is more prevalent with smokers is more reason to worry considering the high number of smokers around the world.

1What is Lung Cancer?

As the name suggest, lung cancer affects the lungs when abnormal cells begin to grow in either one or both lungs. Lung cancer is classified into two main categories depending on what the lung cancer cells look like when they’re viewed under a microscope. The 2 types of lung cancer are; Small cell lung cancer and Non-small cell lung cancer. Lung cancer treatment is often decided based on which type of lung cancer has been diagnosed.

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These 2 types share most of the same lung cancer symptoms. Small cell lung cancer is exclusively associated with heavy smokers while Non-small cell lung cancer is more common and describes several types of lung cancers that share the same characteristics.



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