Why Timely RCT is good for your dental health?


Almost all of us remember that moment when a tooth starts aching and none of the home remedies of a loving mother and a wise grandma work. That excruciating pain which never stops, no matter how many medicines we take. There was a time when extraction of a tooth was the only solution for the pain. But thanks to the evolutions in dentistry, now we have simple and effective solutions for such problems. Root canal treatment is one such effective remedy which, if done timely, can save your tooth. This article gives emphasis on the importance of getting the root canal treatment at the right moment.  

It all starts with a small decay of the tooth which can be taken care by the dentist with simple tooth fillings on routine dental check-ups. The cavities/caries keep on increasing as we ignore them every time. Like any other organ of the body, our teeth also have a limit for the abuse and a time comes when the tooth decay is beyond repair by mere simple fillings. Even after the severe pain it doesn’t mean that the tooth has to be extracted. A root canal treatment can still save a tooth. 

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Pulp is a soft tissue situated in the small cavity in the centre of the tooth. The pulp has the nerve supply which is responsible for the pain we feel during an acute episode. The pulp has canals which extend in the roots, the canals also contain the pulp tissue. A root canal treatment is a procedure in which the pulp of the tooth is removed and the canals are cleaned once they are infected.  The sterile pulp chamber and the canals are then sealed with an inert material and the tooth opening is finally closed with an aesthetic filling material or crown. The question which comes to mind is “What will happen if I don’t get an RCT done?” The answer is same as we could have guessed for any other organ of the body. If the kidneys are infected and we don’t get them treated then it’s for sure we are going to lose them. The same logic works when it comes to our teeth. Also, without the treatment the infection can spread to the surrounding teeth and tissues and can severely affect them. 

Why should we try to save the natural tooth?

There are two set of teeth we get in the life time. One is a primary dentition which we get during the childhood and another is the permanent dentition we receive as adults. The teeth we lose during childhood are replaced by the permanent teeth, but once we lose the permanent ones, we can’t bargain our body for another set.  Its mere common sense that we should try to protect our natural permanent teeth as we are not going to get them back. 

A root canal treatment, proper executed can last for life time. Further a crown or bridge can enhance the life of the tooth immensely. Planned root canal treatments can also help us saving money in the costly treatments like implants and bridges which are the only treatment modalities left after an extraction. Also, most of the dental insurance plans cover endodontic treatments (RCT) but won’t reimburse any money on implants and bridges.

Is root canal treatment painful?

Thanks to advancements in the field of local anaesthesia and other modern techniques, the root canal treatments have become totally painless procedures. The patients who have gone through root canal treatment and extractions, can tell you that root canal treatments are a treatment of choice in comparison to extractions! However, just keep in mind that whenever you plan to go for Root Canal Treatment you go with the root canal dentist which is the endodontist. An endodontist specialises in handling such cases. 

How to get a root canal treatment?

The simple process begins with selection of a root canal specialist, or to be more precise, an endodontist. And endodontist is specialist in doing procedures like Root canal treatments. Its better that we research online before going for the treatment and must select an experienced and renowned endodontist. 

The treatment will start with an X ray, which further helps the dentist in deciding the course of the treatment. The tooth will anesthetised by infusion of local anaesthesia inside the oral cavity. The selected tooth becomes numb in a matter of seconds and ready for a Root Canal Treatment. Usually two appointments are required to get an RCT completed, but the treatment can also be performed in a single sitting if required. 

A stich in time saves nine…. No doubt that there are many advance treatments option to replace a lost tooth. But still there is nothing comparable to a healthy natural tooth. So, if you see decayed teeth in your mouth or you are bearing with a long time lingering tooth pain. Just don’t wait anymore. Contact your dentist now.



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