Why Organic Milk Is A Healthier Alternative To Conventional Milk?

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The scientific studies have shown that organic milk could offer more health benefits than conventional milk due to some differences in nutrient levels. Organic milk has more omega 3 fatty acids for a healthy heart and higher levels of vitamin E and iron. More and more residents of Delhi are opting for organic milk in their daily consumption and milk-producing farmers in Delhi NCR are switching from conventional to organic dairy farming to meet the growing demand for pure cow milk in Delhi.    

Why residents of Delhi are switching to organic milk?

Desi cow milk in Delhi has become popular in the last few years with many households as people are wishing to increase their consumption of omega 3 fatty acids by consuming organic milk as a healthier alternative. Many people who want to protect their hearts choose not to drink full-fat milk. Cow milk in Delhi is one of the best beverages for all age groups as it is the richest source of Calcium and Vitamin D. Organic cow milk has huge advantages for overall health and is a must include in your daily diet. Another reason why residents of Delhi are switching to desi cow milk in Delhi is that It is good for heart, bones, and skin.

Organic Milk vs. Conventional Milk 

  • Organic milk is free from antibiotics whereas conventional milk contains preservatives and growth hormones.
  • Organic milk has higher nutritional content and more disease-fighting antioxidants as compared to conventional milk.
  • Organic milk livestock is fed an organically certified fodder in chemical-free farmland without being injected with drugs whereas conventional milk livestock is fed with antibiotics and other drugs to boost milk production.
  • Organic milk is farm-fresh milk produced from healthier cows whereas conventional milk is highly adulterated which can cause serious health hazards.
  • Organic cow milk in Delhi comes in attractively packaged glass bottles labeled as ‘Organic Cow Milk’ whereas conventional milk is sold in dirty containers by local milk vendors.
  • The process of producing organic milk is fully automated eliminating the possible contamination whereas production of conventional milk involves a lot of human interaction making it prone to contamination.
  • Organic desi cow milk in Delhi comes from an organic milk farm that takes into consideration all possible safety measures for milk production and prevents any sort of animal cruelty whereas conventional milk producers do not treat the livestock properly and raise them in inhuman conditions.
  • Organic milk helps in increasing resistance to infections and strengthens bones whereas conventional milk can cause several infections and osteoporosis.
  • Organic cow milk in Delhi has a higher protein level as compared to conventional milk and therefore your energy levels are bound to increase if you switch to organic milk.
  •  Organic milk must come from organic cows that cannot be given growth hormones or antibiotics, and its feed must be 100 percent organic.
  • Conventional milk often has antibiotics mixed in as a preventative measure. Hormones are included to increase milk production.
  • Organic milk dairy farmers in Delhi NCR are committed to producing high-quality milk and maintaining proper animal care and environmental practices on their farms.  


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