What, Why and How of Concrete Core Drilling


Concrete is a stable construction material widely used to build homes, offices, and structures. Cutting a concrete slab using a chisel and a hammer is difficult. Therefore, Concrete Core Drilling was introduced. Coring machines can effectively make holes of any size in a slab or wall. There are different reasons behind core drilling the concrete. This article is going to discuss those reasons and the coring services.


Why is concrete coring performed?


Concrete core sampling:

Every other building and structure around us is built out of concrete. It is essential to keep in mind that not all concrete structures are created equal. No one can know about the quality and strength of a concrete material by just having a look at it. So, concrete core sampling is performed to test the strength and life of the concrete. 

A concrete sample is extracted to perform a compression test. However, core drilling samples can also be extracted to know the thickness, permeability, and density. 


Concrete Coring in Construction:

While building a new home or working on a construction project, various holes are required by electricians and plumbers. Coring is used to make holes from one side of a wall or floor to the other to pass cables, pipes, and HVAC. 



What precautions should one take before concrete coring:


No coring without scanning:

Concrete coring is a complicated process. A concrete slab may have post-tension cables, electric wires, and pipes buried inside it. In case a coring worker hits any of the embedded items, it can lead to a power outage or structural disintegration. Therefore, it is important to scan the concrete before the coring process. Devices like the GPR scanner can accurately locate the rebar, plastic, and metal inside the concrete and help workers drill the concrete safely.


Up-to-date equipment: coring is a complex process, and therefore, it is important for a Concrete Core Drilling company in DC to use up-to-date coring equipment. Coring is not a child’s play. Therefore, it is necessary to hire a professional coring company that has years of experience and knows the coring techniques. 


 Wet coring: Coring can produce dust when it penetrates the concrete. This dust is very harmful to the coring worker. So, the workers need to wear masks and gloves all the time during coring. Secondly, workers can opt for wet coring, where water takes down the dust and prevents any respiratory issues that might happen to the worker. 


Tips to find the best Concrete Core Drilling company DC


  • Research on Google.
  • Ask your family and friends for references. 
  • Check out the company’s background through ratings, reviews, and testimonials. 
  • Communicate with them, ask them questions, and see how they treat you. 
  • Check out the price and work timings. 


Conclusion: Coring is essential in construction projects. Hitting rebar or wire inside the concrete is destructive in many ways for a coring worker of the whole building. Therefore, hiring the best Concrete Scanning and core drilling Contractors is important.


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