What Happens When You Add More Money to Your Finances?


Your financial life has the amalgamation of personal and professional fixtures. How you manage your family budget defines personal management and what income are you generating indicating your professional commitment. Both situations have significance in your life because through which you are getting the ideal financial balance for a comfortable life.

Indeed, it is in your aspirations to add more money to your account, and the reason is apparent, i.e. increasing more comfort to your life. For that, you make a plan on how to improve wealth, as you may do:

  • A freelancing work
  • Other part-time jobs
  • Ask the spouse to join an office
  • Use savings to invest somewhere

These are only some of the ways that you can practice in your life, and surely, there would be more things you can do to have more money to your bank account.

But the main question arrives – What happens you add more money to personal finance? The outcome can be divided into three features, which are:

  • Happiness
  • Convenience
  • Worries

How More Money Gives You Happiness?

There is no doubt that money gives you happiness. There is a common saying that you cannot buy everything from money, but it does require to have everything in your life. As the parents, you have to spend money to educate your children and when they grow up, they have to take care of their parents by bringing everything to their comfort.

Happiness is the key to the success of your life. Sorrows do come, but if you have the excellent backup, then they do not affect too much to your joy. And money has a significant role to play in the process. Therefore, the hard work that you pay off to add more cash to your account will become a delight for you.

Money is the Guarantee of Convenience

When you add money to fulfil your desire, it brings happiness to your life. But increasing cash flow to meet the necessary needs, then it invites much-needed convenience to your family. Yes, adding more money helps you to complete every requirement of your better half and kids.

When you need a car to have the convenience of reaching somewhere, you can do this by working more and earning more. Similarly, after living for years on the rental basis is not satisfying your desires. Therefore, your family needs their own home to secure the future and save more money. If you have the money, then you do such wonders for your loved people.

Why adding more money can add more worry to your daily living?

Now, the tough question has arrived. At the points mentioned above, we have explained how the money adds happiness and convenience to your personal finance. But at the same time, there is another truth that money can insert worries to your financial life too.

There are many instances where people have to struggle a lot by only adding more money to their actual income.

For example, a person leaves the job to start their own business. Despite getting a good salary, he does not want to work for someone else. Indeed, it was a wise decision to make, but later he troubled a lot because his business was not able to bring much money which he had desired earlier. There was a time where he was getting a small amount from his business, which was quite lower than the salary that he was earning that job.

Such circumstances can happen to anyone’s life. Struggling to keep the cash flow can hurt you mentally as well. Thus, adding more money can worry you a lot.

A comparative conclusion

Nothing can be assured when you work hard to insert more money to your favor. You have to work hard but in the right direction. It is essential because only sincere efforts can bring happiness and convenience. But poor planning and inadequate preparation can cause worry to your personal finance.

In this conclusion, we will discuss another aspect that is crucial to maintain the money flow. Here, we are talking about the lending marketplace. During the urgent situation, you can go for the guaranteed loans to continue the financial activities of your family. For the loans, you can approach traditional lenders like banks or reaching direct lenders like Extramile Finances would be a correct decision.

The main crux of our discussion here is that there is nothing wrong in earning more, but should be done with proper strategy and perfect implementation.


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