What Happens After Overdosing on Suboxone

Drug overdose

Opioid addiction and abuse have been going rampant over these years. It is all over the internet and the news where there are instances about individuals who are risking their lives in a trance of opioid abuse. There are about 21.5 million people in America who are suffering from substance abuse disorder.

The reason why it is called an epidemic is that the number of deaths involving an overdose of opioids is increasing by the day. The numbers have new quadrupled as people become more and more obsessed with heroin and other opioids. About 91 people lose their lives every day due to the effect of it. For those who are looking for treatment for suboxone addiction Pawtucket, Recoverri Connection is the great option for sure.

How Does Drug Addiction Start?

The onset of addiction often happens with the person who has got a prescription for a reliever. The opioids are often prescribed for relieving the chronic pain which can happen after some sort of injuries. However, with time, these opioids tend to become less and less effective. So, in order to achieve the same pain relief level, the person will start taking more dosages with higher levels of opioids than it was prescribed before. With the escalation in the dosage, the individual will definitely have some problems in getting larger amounts of prescription drugs in order to satisfy their cravings for the dosage. In such cases, heroin becomes an alternative for the person because it is much cheaper than these drugs and can be easily afforded by anyone.

With the increase in tolerance as well as the dosage, there is a chance that the person will easily be able to overdose on these prescription drugs or the other options such as heroin. If medical care is not provided at the earliest, these drugs can prove to be very fatal to the health of the person taking them.

Understanding The Signs of Overdose

Addiction is clearly an epidemic which reaches to a disastrous level when the person starts seeking these opioids and drugs in order to stay calm and have the relief. It doesn’t necessarily pertain to a particular set of people and can affect most of the families that have different backgrounds and incomes. So, it is really important for people to understand and figure out if the person in front of you is suffering from opioid addiction or not

  • The sleeping habits of the person suffering from opioid addiction will change as they start to sleep in an abnormal pattern.
  • There might also be some chances that the person will feel a bit drowsy and will drift off to sleep in uncommon situations.
  • There are frequents observations of flu-like patterns and the person might also suffer from fever, nausea, and headaches quite often.
  • Also, there might be some unplanned loss of weight in the body of the person. This is because these opioids have the capability to change the metabolism of a person and hence they will start to lose more and more weight with time.
  • There will also be a significant amount of reduction in the physical activities done by the person due to the low levels of energy in them.
  • Personal hygiene habits of the drug abuse victim will also change as they will not be able to pay attention to things like hair care and shaving.
  • Old bad habits might start to resurface again. The people who didn’t smoke for a very long time might start their old habit of smoking due to addiction.

There are also some health effects and there is not a single speck of doubt about the fact that heart diseases might also occur in the body of the person who is suffering from opioid abuse. So, it is essential for the people around them to look for medical assistance so that they can help their near and dear ones in coping with the health effects.

Suboxone As A Treatment

Suboxone has proved to be one of the most beneficial forms of treatment for the people who are trying to cope with the issues of opioid and heroin abuse. This medication that consists of Buprenorphine a partial opioid agonist and Naloxone, an opioid antagonist, can be really beneficial for those who want to achieve the best results for coping with drug abuse. However, there are some who are using Suboxone as a substance for abuse as well. In such a case, Suboxone treatment centers Pawtucket will be able to provide therapy, assistance, and medical care to the ones in need.


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