Weight Gain or Weight Loss, The Side Effect Of Suboxone

OLD ORCHARD BEACH, MAINE -- 11/14/18 -- Suboxone, in pill and strip form, sit on Heather and Rodney Auger's kitchen table in Old Orchard Beach. Both take one dose a day to help them stay off heroin and painkillers. Troy R. Bennett | BDN

Suboxone is used to reduce the effect of opioid addiction among people. But it came from the methadone treatment earlier in which some serious Side Effects were there. People used to get a lot of weight due to the use of methadone and that is why Dr started to prescribe suboxone instead of that medicine. Suboxone does not cause any weight gain in particular but opioid can surely do that. The whole weight gain business is depended on the lifestyle you chose after getting addicted to opioid.

When you take opioid you will have nausea as the side effect of it. In that case, you won’t feel like eating anything while you are having nausea because of that. And gradually this will lead you to the anorexia in which you will lose significant weight. So it can be said that by taking opioid you can lose a lot of weight and if you don’t it cure it properly then it can lead to serious malnutrition in your body because in general, The Hunger will reduce to a great extent because of this addiction. So whenever you will go to your doctor for the treatment for opioid addiction you have to convey properly the lifestyle you are leading and also the extent to which you are addicted to opioid. Then only your doctor can decide how much dosage to be given to you of the suboxone treatment. Overdose of suboxone can cause different types of health hazards which won’t get you anywhere in any way. So you have to make sure that you get the prescription of suboxone according to the need of your body situation after the addiction.

When you will start the suboxone treatment you will get to see a bit of weight gain in the body but actually, it is a good sign of it. Because in general whenever a person is addicted to something like opioid the tendency of eating anything reduces a lot and that is why I generally the people who are addicted to these kinds of drugs are underweight. And they don’t take any healthy diet for a long time. So suboxone makes them eat more because the effect of opioid addiction is much lower in their body because of the dosage. So if you have any relative or friend who is addicted to opium and then you must advise them to go to the experienced doctor who can understand their body will and prescribe the right amount of suboxone for the treatment purpose. It is very tough to find out suboxone treatment centers providence these days and that is why you need to check out different sources to get the right information regarding a good suboxone treatment clinic around you for your loved ones. And also you need to take care of all the side effects possible after starting the dosage.

Through the suboxone treatment, people generally return to a healthy life because it reduces the effect of opioid in the body of people and also gives some space for a healthy diet after so many days. That is why it causes a bit of weight gain in the body. So a small weight gain is not some serious issue or any kind of side effect of suboxone treatment. But if a patient of this treatment gains a lot of weight then that person should visit a doctor as soon as possible because it means there is some problem regarding the dosage and also the diet with that person after starting to take that suboxone treatment to get rid of opioid addiction. Also, treatment for suboxone addiction providence is very rare right now and that is why the family members and friends need to take care of the patient well to avoid any consequences regarding the side effects of the treatment itself.

Suboxone treatment is quite a strong type of narcotic treatment for opioid addiction. So there is a high chance that it will bring some serious side effects in common but it is a great relief that opioids don’t inherit any cause for weight loss among the human body. On the other hand, suboxone treatment helps people to have a healthy weight as it reduces the effect of opioid in their body. And this type of therapy brings a nice stable lifestyle among the people who to wherein a very unstable life earlier because of opioid. This is a very big cause of their health to suffer and that is why sometimes they go to the situation when they are underweight.

Suboxone contains two types of ingredients which are Buprenorphine and Naloxone. The first one is the narcotic which is the most powerful ingredient in suboxone treatment which reduces the opioid addiction in the people. And the second one is used to fight with the overdose of an opioid.

Generally, naloxone stays inert while it is combined with the buprenorphine because the latter ingredient is so strong that it reduces the effect of naloxone to a great extent and work as the powerful treatment for the opioid receptors. And as these drugs are quite powerful which is why it can reduce the effect of a strong drug like opioid, most of the doctors don’t take the risk to prescribe these medicines and that is why it is very hard to find out a clinic which treats the opioid addiction among the people. But if you have a friend or a family member with you who is addicted to opium you must find a good place for that person so that the suboxone treatment can relieve them from their addiction as soon as possible. And also it will give them a good stable life with a healthy body along with some healthy diet which is very necessary when you are taking a strong treatment. So you should always check out the side effects of the medicines you are choosing for your family member to avoid any kind of consequences to their health.


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