The World is Going Digital : Your Business Should Too


The world has changed for everyone. You just have to take a look around us to realize that nothing is as before, in public transport, on the street, television, YouTube, digital newspapers, social network. Everything has changed, and our beauty business must adapt too.

The way to attract customers is different, and not only for beauty and aesthetic businesses but for all businesses, large companies increasingly invest more in digital marketing than in traditional.

It is no longer a thing of the future to think about dedicating time and resources to the digital marketing of our beauty salon, beauty centre, hairdresser, fitness studio and spa. Implementing technology in our business can be a differential factor, it is necessary if we want to offer a positive experience to our regular customers and attract new customers to our business.

At Easy Gym Software, we have a proposal for all beauty and aesthetic businesses. Thanks to our software, 90% of internal procedures will be digitized, such as invoices for your clients, appointment book management, service control, inventory control, product sales management, payroll, etc. As well as external digital marketing, sending email automatically, appointment reminder, sending promotions, sending SMS, recovery of lost customers, reports for marketing management and control of advertising actions such as coupons or bonuses.

But the benefits of Easy Gym Software do not end here, as you know you have to keep GST and salary records of employees in hairdressers, barbershops, and beauty and spa centres. Easy Salon Software has this functionality to help you meet the legal obligation at no additional cost to you — all in a digitized and straightforward way.


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