Get Great Abs Without All the Pain – The Six Pack Abs Diet


Is there anyone that doesn’t want to enhance their stomach tone? Are you looking for some ways to tone and flatten your abs? Great – but stop the crunches ok? Yes, doing hundreds of them used to be the way to go but no more. Save the time and do what works and works well. What’s important is to work on all the core muscles (including your lower back and upper thighs) to get the results and much wanted definition:

11. Start with Good Carbs for Good Abs

If you’re not eating right, your abs will (or won’t!) show what you’ve been doing. This hold true for both men and women. Do we need to repeat that?

We’re not going to carb bash here – carbs are not all that bad for you. Your goal is to avoid simple, white carbs as best as possible. Slow burning carbs such as those from whole grains which are rich in fiber are good to have. They will pass through your system slower (hence the name) than the simple white carbs. So don’t be afraid of the browns ones which include brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat, and oats.



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