The beauty Sweet dreams of unicorns


Dreams have always fascinated me to the point that it annoys me when I can’t remember the details of my dream stories. There are times when I wake up excited knowing that something in my dreams aroused the feeling. There are times when I wake up quietly knowing that something or someone inspired me while I was sleeping.

Dreams, however, are mysterious, and although it bothers me not to know, it’s probably better that I don’t.

I think it’s important to have a mysterious element in our lives. It keeps us alert, creates anticipation and renews the hope of something new and new every time we close our eyes. I welcome my dreams every night without knowing what to expect.

My daughter is also a dreamer, but she is also a dream planner. We have a ritual every night where she asks me, “What should I dream about Mom?” Usually, I invent something unexpected like “unicorns and mortadella” or “rainbows and elephants” and every night he smiles and says, “No, give me something else”.

It doesn’t matter if you are at home in your own bed, with a friend or an hour’s drive home from your dad’s house for a weekend, she will call me for her night’s sleep and I will immediately respond to something unique and frankly ridiculous. She even smiles, laughs and rolls some eyes, but knows I get answers every time.

The reality is that my daughter doesn’t like the unexpected and feels safe knowing what she wants to dream about. It is not a mystery to my sleeping beauty; It’s about security. As a mom, I give you the security you need with a little mystery because we could all use a little more mystery in our lives.

Tonight, while lying in your father’s house, I hope you dream of unicorns and bologna and think of me. When I go to bed, not knowing where my dreams will take me, I hope she inspires me during my dream saga so that in the morning I wake up with a sense of peace.

When you search for “spirituality” on Google, you find a number of definitions and references, and like religion, spirituality is defined by your own personal perception. People love labels, so when we move away from organized religion gives us another quality of identification by defining ourselves as spiritual. Since Christianity defines sin as a failure of human experience, some spiritual beliefs offer the same pitfalls.

Everyone is fighting. All. The trick is how to allow the fight to define you. Are you happy with the attitude that life is always rainbows and La Licorne Beaute, and because I think everything is fine, everything will be okay? Or when you face an obstacle, do you really see this obstacle as a learning experience? I know both types of people. Hell, I’ve made both kinds of descriptions. It is interesting that the rainbow and unicorn scenario is the most difficult to maintain. Why? Because believing the positive is quite different from saying the positive. Go for example. To any bookstore or app store, and you will find hundreds of books on how and why it is important to stay positive in a negative world, either by the Law of Attraction or Meditative Attention to Zen Recordings to enter A place of peace Why so many? Because people are still trying to invent the perfect mouse trap.

Life is about duality: good and bad, happiness and sadness or love and hate. And go on and on. The battles represent this duality. You cannot experience love without giving love and feeling hatred, just as you have to experience hatred and prejudice to meet everything they represent. Therefore, life is not all rainbows and unicorns. What happens when it’s not as wonderful as always to think that everything is going well because of your positive thoughts? What happens when an illness occurs or a financial disaster occurs? Trying to maintain this positive outlook is harder than ever.

Bad things happen to good people. Ignoring obstacles and problems is really detrimental to your spiritual growth. Part of our personal growth is feeling pain, pain, disappointment and yes, anger. That is why it is so difficult to maintain a positive attitude while experiencing difficulties. Feeling negative thoughts is not a sign of weakness or failure in self-awareness. These feelings are a sign of recognizing which areas of your life need to be observed, worked and then removed. Without these feelings, we will never understand or accept the beauty of your opposite feeling. So feel all your emotions in any situation you encounter and then let them go. Otherwise, he will be forced to live the same kind of combat situations until he does.



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