Profacgen Updated Its In Silico Protein-protein Interactions Prediction Service


Profacgen, a biotechnology company that offers bioinformatics platform to help academic and industrial researchers to explore, understand and analyze complex biological data in various biotechnological programs and projects, recently updated its in silico protein-protein interactions prediction service to meet diversified needs of its customers.


As one of the most common molecules in cells, proteins are of great significance for regulating various metabolic pathways and numerous biological processes in cells. In general, proteins do not function individually, but through interactions with each other, known as protein-protein interactions (PPIs), to accomplish their corresponding tasks. In addition, the study of protein interactions can provide new perspectives for medical diagnosis and treatment, and promote the design of new drugs and the development of biomedicine.


At present, the methods for predicting protein interactions mainly include biological methods and computational methods. In the traditional biological field, the collection of interaction data can be completed by methods such as yeast two-hybrid, protein chip, and synthetic lethal analysis. However, these methods are time-consuming and labor-intensive, resulting in insufficient prediction efficiency, and this proportion of false negatives and false positives is often observed in the prediction results. Therefore, with the rapid development of computer technology, computational methods, which were originally used as auxiliary means, have now become the mainstream methods for predicting protein interactions.


Based on advanced bioinformatics analysis platform and proven expertise, Profacgen now provides the following in silico protein-protein interactions prediction service:

· In silico protein-protein interactions prediction (ISPPIsP)

· In silico protein-protein interactions networks prediction (ISPPINsP)

· In silico protein-protein interactions sites prediction (ISPPIsSP)


Other than the services mentioned above, Profacgen now provides Bioinformatics Data Management, Biological Data Analysis, Computational Protein Analysis, Custom Bioinformatics Software Development, and Virtual Screening to cater the computational and bioinformatics needs of its customers.


Our goal is to increase computing accessibility so that users can focus on encouraging R&D innovation by saving money on hardware purchases and maintenance.” Commented Crystal, the chief marketing staff at Profacgen.


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