Myths about house clearance


Let’s admit something, house clearance can be a time-consuming and hectic task. This is why many people opt to choose professionals for the job of house clearance. There are many companies offering these services and the choice is very easy. However, many people get confused about making their choices as there are many myths associated with hiring professionals for house clearance Essex. In this blog, we are going to debunk some common myths.

They charge for each item they clear – This is one of the most common myths about hiring a professional agency for house clearance and is quite very funny. But the fact is just the opposite. When you hire a professional agency for house clearance, they will offer you a quote for the complete house clearance, not just a few items. The quote will be based on your specific needs so you can invite them to your place for a better quote about house clearance.

You need to hire your skip – it is commonly believed that when you house a professional for house clearance Essex, they will simply clear your place and remove all the unwanted items. You will have to hire a skip to collect these items. But it’s not how it works. These professionals will bring with them everything required for the clearance job, including the skip or transport truck. They will clean the property, remove any unwanted items and then return to clean it.

They will remove items you don’t need – The term ‘house clearance’ means cleaning your home, which means you need to remove items only that are not required. However, it’s not the same when it comes to hiring a professional agency for house clearance Essex. They will clean the entire place, leaving it clean like a new one. But yes, they can also customize their services according to your needs, which means they will not remove the items you want to keep or place them in a corner with a sheet over them.

They’ll sell unwanted items – What happens to the items a house clearance company will take from your place? Will they sell them and earn from my old items? These are some common questions that come into the minds of people when hiring house clearance agencies. The fact here is that they are only committed to helping those less fortunate than us. So the items taken from your place may be either recycled or donated to the people who need them more than you. This is the most eco-friendly way for removing items from any place.

They’re not available on short notice – The professionals in the field understand the need for urgency, which is why many companies also offer 24/7 house clearance services and can also help you with short notice. This means, even if you need a professional to clean your place on the weekend, the same day or the next day, they will reach your place and help with the same.

So, when you need house clearance Essex, simply call the best one.




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