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Creating Innovative Mobile App Feature For Today’s Users Demand

Whether you want Mobile app development Dubai for a business or a consumer, we rely on our knowledge of various technologies and tools to create apps that are genuinely beneficial and worthy of your customers’ screen space. Even though we can duplicate the functionalities, no two apps are the same since we give each one a distinct value proposition and customize the functionality to meet the needs of its target user base.

Geolocation Management

We are experts at integrating powerful geolocation management functionalities into IOS App Development in Dubai. We guarantee the smooth integration of geolocation services to improve user experiences and enable location-aware functionality, ranging from geofencing and location-based notifications to real-time position tracking.


Secure Payments

We recognize the value of safe and practical payment methods in mobile applications. Whether it’s in-app purchases, subscriptions, or e-commerce, your consumers will have seamless and trouble-free transactions thanks to our expertise in integrating several payment gateways and establishing safe payment processing.


Voice/Video Calling And Messaging

We specialize in combining voice/video calling and messaging features into modern Mobile app development company in UAE, as we know how important communication is to them. We make use of dependable communication protocols and APIs to facilitate easy-to-use audio, video, and message communication, enabling your users to interact and work together.

Voice Recognition And Recording

Thanks to our proficiency with voice recognition and recording technology, we can incorporate voice-activated navigation, audio recording, and command functionality into your Android App Development in Dubai. Users can capture audio for a variety of uses, conduct voice searches, and interact with your app hands-free.



Skilful chatbots have the potential to improve user interaction and offer tailored support. Our team can create AI-driven chatbot solutions that can surely give your app a competitive edge by automating customer care, responding instantly, and making personalized recommendations.

Booking And Scheduling

Service-based applications must have effective booking and scheduling tools. We create user-friendly booking and calendar features that let customers make reservations, set up appointments, and efficiently manage their bookings inside your app.


Personalization Of User Experience

We recognize the importance of customized user experiences in mobile application development UAE. Using sophisticated algorithms and user data, we can generate customized interfaces, personalized recommendations, and content specific to the needs and tastes of individual users.

Image Recognition

We can incorporate features like object recognition, barcode scanning, and image-based search into your app because of our image recognition capabilities. Convenience and usefulness are increased by the ease with which users can identify objects, scan barcodes for product information, and conduct visual searches.



Scanning Qr Codes

QR codes are becoming widely used for several functions, including content access and payment. We can add QR code scanning capabilities to your app so that users can quickly scan and interact with QR codes.


Push Notifications

We make sure that your app uses push notifications to inform and engage users. We assist you in providing your users with timely updates, promotions, and pertinent information by adopting tailored and targeted messages that keep them interested and involved.

DXB APPS – Offering Premium For Mobile App Development Dubai Services

We surely provide a comprehensive suite of services for application design, integration, and management. Regardless of the type of app consumer or enterprise-class, the company oversees the entire mobile app development process, from conception and ideation to delivery and continuous maintenance.

·         Development of high end and customized apps for iOS and Android

·         Cross-platform and native solutions

·         UI/UX design, second platform app development, consulting, and prototyping

·         Automated testing and QA

·         Geofencing, notification, and power management

·         AOSP and embedded Android customizations

·         Upkeep and post-warranty assistance

Explore Our Expertise In High-End Mobile Application Development

Make sure that your company has a mobile presence to grow your business to new heights. Discover how to reach highly responsive and engaged mobile device users with your fantastic products and services. An award-winning yet professional mobile app development company in Dubai, DXB APPS guarantees your organization’s successful entry into the highly competitive mobile commerce market.

Development For Android Apps

The Android user base is enormous. With our iOS app development in Dubai services, your company will be as visible as possible across indeed a wide range of smart devices with different screen sizes and technologies. We provide you with:

·         Development of Android Mobile Apps

·         Development of Android TV Apps

·         Development of Android Tablet Apps

·         Development of Android Wear Apps

Development Of IOS Apps

With over many years of experience, we can create a mobile application that is feature-rich, scalable, and functional with the following features:

·         Development of iPhone Apps

·         iPad App Creation

·         Development of Apple Watch Apps

·         App Development for Apple TV and App Clips

Development Of Cross-Platform Apps

Our React native app development turns out to be an excellent way to create a fluid and responsive user experience at a cheaper cost without sacrificing quality. You get:

·         Development of Hybrid Mobile Apps

·         Development of Hybrid Tablet Apps

·         Development of Hybrid TV Apps

Assistance And Upkeep

Our helpful support and maintenance services are made up of timely app updates, security fixes, and satisfied customers.

·         Improvement of Functionality

·         Increasing Security

·         App Store Optimization

Integration With Wearables And Smart TV

We can incorporate your app with wearable technology and smart televisions, which are becoming increasingly popular. Users can use wearables or smart TVs to engage with your app, access its features, and receive notifications, which increases its usability and reach.


Interaction With Internet Of Things Equipment

We are experts at fusing mobile apps with IoT-capable gadgets, enabling consumers to manage and keep an eye on linked equipment right from their smartphones. We can develop seamless app experiences that let customers engage with their IoT environment, whether it’s smart appliances, home automation, or IoT-powered systems.

Immersive Experience

Using augmented reality (AR) and also virtual reality (VR) technology, we are experts at producing immersive experiences. We can turn your software into an exciting and interactive platform that allows users to explore virtual surroundings and interact with digital things by incorporating AR/VR elements.

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