Macleaya cordata Extract and Analysis Service Now Available at Lifeasible


Lifeasible, a leading provider for food and feed testing to help manufacturers and consumers worldwide with a complete range of food and feed analysis to ensure safety, quality, and political validity, now provides Macleaya cordata extract and analysis service for research use.


The main component of macleaya cordata extract is sanguinarine, and other ingredients include chelerythrine, proopioidine, α-allocrypticine and β-allocryptine. Macleaya cordata extract has the characteristics of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, insecticidal, antimicrobial, anti-tumor, and improving animal health. It is widely used in feed and feed additives, pesticides, medicines, fine chemicals, daily chemicals and other fields.


In addition, as one of the new botanical pesticides, Macleaya cordata extract can effectively prevent and control pests such as cabbage caterpillar, diamondback moth, cabbage butterfly, corn borer, aphids and other pests. It is suitable for crops including wheat, corn, rice, cotton, tea, etc.


In order to meet the demand for Macleaya cordata extract in the feed and pesticide industries, Lifeasible has steadily enhanced the Macleaya cordata extraction method to offer clients efficient and industrialized production options.


Services at Lifeasible mainly include:

Macleaya cordata extract preparation services

A wide range of methods are used at Lifeasible for preparing Macleaya cordata extracts, including high-speed counter-current chromatography, internal boiling, ultrasonic extraction, and chromatographic column methods.


Macleaya cordata alkaloid isolation and purification services

Using solvent extraction and PH-controlled separation as the main methods, Lifeasible has established a protocol for separating and purifying Macleaya cordata alkaloid monomers. The company is also able to isolate a variety of isoquinoline alkaloids from Macleaya cordata fruit pods by solvent method and column chromatography.


Macleaya cordata alkaloid content determination service

Using the ultra-performance liquid chromatography (UPLC)-ESI-MS coupling technique, Lifeasible has established an entire analytical method for Macleaya cordata alkaloids.


“As its great potential shown in animal health, and the development of green plant-derived fungicides and peptides, biopharmaceuticals, we launched this comprehensive testing and analysis services to help researchers worldwide with the aim to accelerate their researches.” Said Isla, one of the representative speakers from Lifeasible.


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