Lufthansa Seat Selection | Fees & 2023 Guidelines


In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Lufthansa seat selection, the fees involved, and the latest guidelines .


1.Lufthansa Seat Classes

Lufthansa Seat Selection offers a range of seat classes to cater to diverse passenger preferences. Each class provides unique features and amenities, ensuring a comfortable journey for all passengers.


2. Economy Class Seats

The Economy Class is the standard seating option on Lufthansa flights, providing an affordable yet comfortable travel experience. Learn more about the features and benefits of Economy Class seats.


3. Premium Economy Class Seats

For travellers seeking enhanced comfort and extra amenities without the premium price tag, the Premium Economy Class offers an ideal balance. Discover the perks of flying in Lufthansa’s Premium Economy cabin.


4. Business Class Seats

Experience luxury and convenience with Lufthansa’s Business Class seats. Perfect for business travellers or those looking to indulge in a premium flying experience.


5. First Class Seats

Lufthansa’s First Class seats redefine luxury in the skies. If you desire the ultimate flying experience, learn more about the opulence and exclusivity of First Class.


6. How to Choose the Perfect Seat

Right seat choosing impact your comfort we provide valuable tips.

8. Seat Selection for Families

Travelling with family can be enjoyable, but it requires careful consideration when selecting seats together. Discover how to secure seats for your entire family.


9. Seat Selection for Solo Travelers

Solo travellers have the flexibility to choose their preferred seats. Learn how to make the most of this opportunity for a pleasant journey.


10. Seat Selection for Special Needs Passengers

Passengers with special needs deserve a comfortable flight experience. Understand the options and services available for travellers with specific requirements.


11. Lufthansa Seat Reservation Fees

While seat selection is generally complimentary, there are certain instances where fees may apply. Familiarise yourself with Lufthansa’s seat reservation fees.


12. Economy Class Seat Fees

Learn about the seat reservation fees for Economy Class and when these fees might be applicable.



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