Long Distance Relationship Statistics: Can an LDR Really Work?


So does your partner go to another country or city? Are you skeptical of long-distance relationships? Are you considering ending the relationship because you are worried that your relationship will not last? What if I tell you that there are long distance relationship statistics that say this kind of romance can last?

Not surprisingly, even in this day and age; Many people still doubt whether a relationship can survive, even if there is a distance between couples. Even with the advances in communication and transportation technology, it is still very difficult to do a romantic job when the two people involved are miles away from each other.

Apart from the distance itself, there are many different things that can cause problems in a relationship. In addition to distance, this type of relationship also lacks contact and intimacy, which are important factors that create a relationship. Just imagining a situation where you can only kiss and hug your partner once a month makes you think twice before having that relationship.

However, do you know that, according to long-distance ratio statistics, LDRs are as likely to work as proximal ratios?

For starters, a recent study by the Center for Long Distance Relations Research (CSLDR) reveals that work commitments, studies, and military deployment are three of the main reasons couples undergo LDR. In their survey, they also revealed that 2.9% of married couples in the United States have LDR only. Imagine that 3.75 million couples are involved in such a relationship and it totally works for them!

In addition, approx. 10% of married couples in the United States in LDR. In addition to these, about 75% of engaged couples also started from LDR until they decided to stay closer. In addition, approximately 32.5% of university relationships are also involved in this type of relationship.

In addition, the average distance between LDR pairs is approx. 84 miles, and the average month for LDR couples to decide to stay closer is approx. 14 months. In addition, couples involved in LDR visit about 1.5 times a month. LDR couples also have an average of 1 call every other day and spend about 30 minutes talking to each other on each call.

According to the Center for LDR Research, 27% of couples divorce in the first month of the relationship. This percentage increases to approx. 37% over the first 3 months and reach 42% in the first 6 months. However, the percentage drops to approx. 11 percent over the first 8 months, falling further to approx. 8% in the ratio the first year.

With these long-range relationship statistics, knowing that LDRs get stronger over time can be very comforting. All you need now is to pay attention when it comes to your relationship and do everything possible to ensure that your relationship works, even if there is distance between you and your partner.


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