Is Teak Hardwood Flooring Still Relevant in Modern Times?


When were your first memories with Teak forged? Teak used to be an institution of interior design. It was used for decking, hangings, furniture, and teak hardwood flooring.

Teak is native to India, Myanmar, and Thailand. It was the first wood to be exported across the sea in every direction. It has a Janka Hardness rating of 1070 and has colors from golden to medium brown. Teak is even more stable than red oak. 

History of Teak Wood: 

 Teak is the first wood to sail the seven seas. As the Roman Empire controlled the Middle East over 2000 years ago, they discovered Sri Lankan ships were built out of a more stable wood, i.e., Teak. They started to import teak wood along with Spices and tea. Teak had low shrinkage and high resistance to rot and fungus. Therefore, Teak was used as shipping, boating, and decking material.

Teak Hardwood Flooring Came Out as the Best Decision: 

Teak is durable and has a natural oil that gives out an authentic look. Therefore, teak hardwood flooring is a brilliant addition to any home. Its water-resistant nature makes it perfect for areas like spas and kitchens. It is known as luxurious wood all over the world. Using teak for flooring came out to be the best decision. Teak floors are still a huge deal, even after so many years. 

Perks of Choosing Teak Flooring in Present Time

Natural Oil: 

Teak Hardwood contains natural oil, so it doesn’t need any varnish application. Homeowners prefer to keep the wood raw and age it to its perfect color with time. Also, the natural oil in teak helps to keep away bugs, pests, and fungus-like mold. 

Multiple Finish Options: 

Teak flooring is seen as a mark of elegance. Having teak floors creates a classy image of the space and gives an impact on rich and luxurious surroundings. Teak can be finished with multiple options to create a glossy, matte, and distorted look. 


Teak floors can be used in an office, restaurant, home, or hotel. Designers can create versatile interior designs with teak floors under the feet. Adding teak cabinets and furniture can make a complimenting look for the home or office. 

Extremely Long Life:

Installing teak floors are an intelligent decision as teak floors can stay useable for as long as 100 years. Having a proper cleaning and maintenance routine is the secret behind the long life of teak flooring post-installation. The caring and maintenance process is as follows:

  • Regular sweeping, dusting, and Vacuuming.
  • Damp moping once per week.
  • Use door mats and rugs in high-traffic areas.
  • Refinish flooring once a decade.
  • Don’t drag furniture and heavy items over the floor.
  • Use rubber stoppers on table and chair feet.
  • Allow flooring to adjust to the environment before installation.


Teak hardwood flooring is still relevant in modern times among homeowners and property owners. It is seen as a symbol of wealth and luxury. However, nothing is indestructible, so one must make all the efforts to protect their flooring from dents and stains. 

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