How to Hang a Hammock Between Two Trees


Hanging a hammock between two trees is a great way to relax outdoors and enjoy nature. With just a few tools and some basic knowledge, setting up your hammock can be easy. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through the complete process step-by-step, from choosing the right trees and hammock, all the way to lounging comfortably with your favorite book and beverage in hand. Whether you’re camping or just looking to create an outdoor oasis in your backyard, let’s get started on hanging that hammock!

Choosing Trees and Location

The first decision is where you’ll hang your hammock. Ideal trees should be alive, healthy, and at least 8 inches in diameter. The distance between them should be 10 to 20 feet – enough for a comfortable lay while keeping the hammock fabric taut. Check for overhead branches or obstacles that could get in the way too.

In terms of location, pick a flat, even area so you can get the right height and angle on your hammock. Stay away from ant nests or sharp rocks and roots underfoot as well. Consider sunlight, shade, views, and privacy as well when choosing the perfect spot to set up.

Choosing a Hammock

Hammock varieties run the gamut from simple sleeping slings to giant woven models that can comfortably fit two or more adults plus gear and accessories. Consider what style best suits your needs and space. For this tutorial, we’ll focus on a basic single person hammock approximately 10 feet long.

You’ll also want to make sure you select a durable, weather-resistant fabric like nylon parachute or marine-grade cotton canvas. Accompanying rope and carabiners should have a minimum weight capacity of 200-400 lbs to safely support you too.

Gather Supplies

Before heading out to hang your hammock, gather the necessary gear:

• Hammock

• Tree straps (at least 1 inch wide to protect bark)

• Carabiners (at least 2, weight rated)

• Rope (approx 10-20 ft per tree attachment side)

• Tape measure

• Sturdy gloves

• Prepping the Trees


Now comes the fun part – prepping your trees for the hammock hang. Put on your gloves and grab your tree straps. Measure the circumference of each tree to size the straps correctly. Wrap the strap around the trunk about chest height, threading the end through the loop on the other end and pulling tight. This creates the anchor point for connecting rope and hammock.


Repeat this process on the second tree, estimating proper height by holding hammock ends at both straps. You want just enough sag so knees are slightly bent when lying inside. Adjust strap placements as needed until satisfied.

Stringing up the Rope

Unwind rope and cut two equal lengths, one for each tree. Tie off one end securely to the tree strap using a reliable knot like a bowline or trucker’s hitch. Repeat for second tree with other rope end.

Now for the fun part – tossing the rope over the optimum tree branch in the right direction for the hammock hang. This may take a few attempts until you get the angles and intersection point between trees correctly aligned. Use light underhand tosses, aiming above the branch to let gravity pull rope back down across it.

Attaching Hammock & Carabiners

Once rope is positioned over branches and back down to the corresponding tree trunks, you’re ready to attach carabiners and hang the hammock. Clip each end of hammock to free end of ropes at respective trees using carabiners rated for adequate weight loads.

Slowly hoist the hammock until it reaches desired tautness and height off the ground. Perform a test sit, ensuring ropes and straps remain securely fastened so hammock stays level. Make any last adjustments so it sits squarely between the two trees at your optimum comfort.

Enjoy the Hang!

That’s it – your hammock is fully hung and ready to relax in! Kick back with your favorite snack, book or music. Sway gently in the breeze and take in the nature around you. It’s an immersive outdoor experience unlike any other. Just keep an eye out for length of sunlight/shade if staying out long. And be careful getting in/out of the hammock until you get the right technique down!

Now the hardest part is motivating yourself to get out from utter relaxation. But I promise, the entire two minute take-down and pack up process will be worth it next time those hammock strings call your name! Whether daily in your backyard escape or on your next outdoor adventure, you’ll appreciate the simple pleasure of hanging out.


With the right prep work selecting sturdy anchors, a quality hammock, and reliable rope and hardware, hanging a hammock can be straightforward and safe for endless enjoyment. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to create your own suspended relaxation station. Tuning out the world never felt so good!

So get out there are reap the benefits – physical and mental – as you gently swing weightless between trees and clouds. Happy hanging! 

If you only have one viable tree, be sure to check out the guide on using extra gear to securely hang your hammock alone: How to Hang a Hammock with One Tree.



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