Guardsafe Insurance Brokers


    Guardsafe Insurance Brokers is one of the leading brokers in QLD. We offer the best insurance solutions depending on your commercial and personal requirements. With our years of experience, we know the specific need of industry sectors that require brokers like us.

    We work as a bridge between the customers and insurance companies to fulfil your insurance needs. We cover multiple industries to be insured fully, including security insurance, commercial motor insurance, business/property insurance, and guard insurance. As the leading insurance brokers, we aim for unrivalled protection for you.

    We follow the simple and transparent process for every client. First, we learn about your business and profession to understand the possible threats that might become trouble for you. Then, we give you a list of insurance that needs to be covered for your protection.

    We have a large network in the insurance industry where our clients can access policies of more than 150 national and international insurances to ensure that all the potential risks are covered under their insurance scheme.

    Here are some of the insurances that you require. For example, commercial motor insurance covers vehicle that is being used for business purposes. Security public insurance covers the legal liability of the business. Commercial cleaning insurance protects against damages caused by natural disasters like windstorms and fire.

    Apart from this type of insurance, we also provide training insurance, security professional indemnity, crowd control insurance, management liability insurance, and motor fleet insurance.


    If you are looking for trusted insurance brokers, you don’t need to look further if you know we are here to protect you from threats. Get in touch with us for prompt insurance solutions.



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