Elevate Your Space with the Art of Light: Hunter Douglas Shades and Window Treatments at Floortex Design


Step into a world of exquisite design where light and style waltz hand-in-hand. Floortex Design proudly presents the innovative artistry of Hunter Douglas shades and window treatments, transforming your living spaces beyond mere function. Discover a curated collection that transcends expectations, each piece an expression of sophistication and personalized comfort.

Hunter Douglas Shades: Unveiling Elegance

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled craftsmanship of Hunter Douglas shades. From clean lines of cellular shades to luxurious Roman folds, each option is meticulously crafted to deliver superior light control and become a stunning visual statement in your home.

Beyond Window Coverings: Hunter Douglas Transforms

Hunter Douglas redefines the concept of window treatments, marrying functionality with timeless design. Whether you seek the warmth of wood blinds or the sleekness of sheer shades, our curated selection caters to every taste, seamlessly blending form and function into transformative elements for your interior.

Hunter Douglas Window Coverings: A Celebration of Versatility

Embrace the art of light with Hunter Douglas window coverings. From the contemporary allure of silhouette shades to the classic charm of plantation shutters, explore a diverse range that celebrates both style and practicality. Find the perfect solution for your design preferences, where form and function dance in perfect harmony.

The Artistry of Light: Hunter Douglas Luminette

For those who cherish the delicate play of light, discover the Luminette collection. These vertical sheers embody understated elegance, offering graceful privacy and light control through a captivating dance of fabric. Luminette becomes a canvas of ambient light, transforming your space into a haven of tranquility.

Embrace Innovation with Hunter Douglas Roller Shades

Experience contemporary appeal with a twist with Hunter Douglas roller shades. Our diverse collection features a range of fabrics and patterns, allowing you to express your unique style. From bold prints to subtle textures, roller shades offer a canvas for personalization while delivering exceptional light control.

Modern Living Redefined: Automation for Roller Shades

Embrace the future with the convenience of automated roller shades from Hunter Douglas. Imagine adjusting your shades with a simple tap on your smartphone or a voice command. This innovative technology by Hunter Douglas elevates your living space, placing both elegance and cutting-edge convenience at your fingertips.

Floortex Design: Your Guide to Hunter Douglas Excellence

As your trusted partner in interior design, Floortex Design proudly showcases the finest Hunter Douglas shades, window treatments, and more. Our curated selection reflects our commitment to offering unparalleled beauty and innovation, from Luminette’s artistry to roller shades’ contemporary flair.

Personalized Expertise for Your Journey

We understand that selecting window treatments is a personal journey. Our design experts offer personalized consultations, guiding you through the Hunter Douglas collection to find the perfect solution that aligns with your style, needs, and the unique character of your space.

Elevate Your Living Space with Timeless Elegance

Embark on a journey of transforming your living spaces with the timeless elegance of Hunter Douglas. From the innovative allure of shades to the artistry of window coverings, discover a world of possibilities at Floortex Design. Experience the unmatched beauty and innovation of Hunter Douglas and elevate your space beyond imagination.


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