Cyber Security Fundamentals Training Live / Online


The need for professionals in the market is emerging day by day, were specialists in the domain of technology. As computer technology has played a vital role to automate business functions and provide one-click information for good decision making, future planning and also streamline the existing business. As technology is boosting so that the requirement of skills human resource is increased. Now every part of life is connecting with the technology and we all the part of the cyber world.

Technologies always are helping us in our daily lives, and our personal, official and all concerned data become more valuable. So, in this regard, we need to understand that how to secure our data and make it confidential. Sometimes, we have very sophisticated and sensitive data, which we would not like to share anyone and required some shield to protect from non-concerned people. In this course you can understand that how to protect your data and information from others technically and understand the procedures.

As data is the key, but how to make it secure and confidential, where we are unware that who is using and cracking or hacking our data in our daily lives, because we are accessing the information from different domains and devices and using, cell phone, IPAD, tablets, PC and all devices are connected with Internet Cloud or else and we are involved in E-Banking, E-Shopping, E-Gaming and lots of work doing there. Companies are assuring us that we are safe and without our permission, nobody can see or use our data, but Internet thieves or hackers are struggling to break the walls and sometimes they become successful. Now as a user or professional we must need to know how to secure ourselves from Hackers.


Cyber Security Fundamental or Information Security Fundamentals now offering by 3D EDUCATORS, which gear up the student from scratch to provide a road map to be a professional in this domain. Cyber Security course in Pakistan is now a need for every organization and required skilled Cyber Security course in Pakistan Professionals in the organization. In this respect, 3D EDUCATORS offers CYBRON – Cyber Rapid Offensive and Native Security Forum for professionals and individuals, who would like to start their career in the field of cyber security. The curriculum is opted from ISACA cyber security fundamentals certification, which is now also be a part of CYBRON as well.


Cyber Security Curriculum:


  • Section 1: Cyber security Introduction and Overview
  • Section 2: Cyber-security Concepts
  • Section 3: Security Architecture Principles
  • Section 4: Security of Networks



The above highly skilled Cyber Security Fundamental Course in Karachi or Cyber Security Fundamental in Pakistan Offered by 3D EDUCATORS and also develop the candidate for exam preparation as well. It is to be in your kind notice that 3D EDUCATORS is the first organization who initiate this course first time in Pakistan. We assure you that after having this certification



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