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PST and OST files are the two file formats that Microsoft Outlook uses to store files. We have a simple way to see data both offline and online thanks to both file formats. The PST files come in quite helpful when you wish to switch between PCs. We’ll go over a few different ways to transfer an OST file to a PST in Outlook in this post.

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Let’s start by discussing the differences between the OST and PST file formats.

Fundamental Distinction between PST and OST:

Outlook saves its copies as files with the.ost and.pst extensions.

·         Your emails are easily viewable as an OST file even in offline mode. These files are stored locally on the system. Emails may be readily edited or saved by the user even when they are not online.

·         Currently, the OST file hinders data mobility when you wish to transfer between two machines. PST files save the day in this situation since they are highly transferrable across many platforms.

·         Considering that we have previously witnessed both OST and PST sides. Here, we go over the manual techniques that might assist you in converting an OST file to a PST file.

Important & Simple Steps for Outlook OST File to PST Copy: –

To Reconstruct OST to PST files, there are two widely used techniques.

1. Use the Import-Export Wizard first.

2. Use the Archive feature

I’ll go over both of these manual processes here, but you may use any one.

Method 1: Use Import-Export Wizard to convert OST files to PST files

1. Launch Outlook email.

2. Select the File option.

3. Select the Import/Export Option under Open & Export.

4. Select Export as a file from the pop-up box that appears, then click Next.

5. Select the Outlook data file (.pst) and press the next button.

6. Select “Include subfolder” from the menu in the new window and click “Next.”

7. A freshly revealed window opens, allowing you to navigate the folder and save your PST file before closing it.

Method 2: In Outlook, Move File with Archive

This is an additional manual technique for converting OST files to PST that comes with the Outlook program.

1. Access your Outlook email.

2. Select choices from the File menu.

3. Choose Advanced and hit the Auto Archive Settings button.

4. You have the option to modify the auto archive’s day count.

5. Navigate to where you want to save your archive file.

6. Use “Ok” to complete the procedure.

Users can use these two manual steps to save OST files in PST formats. These solutions might provide you some respite with regard to data security and portability if you use them at specific periods. The process might be demanding and time-consuming. Trying to deal with a lot of data is challenging. Even though we have provided you with manual solutions, each of these approaches has drawbacks of its own. Continue reading if you’re looking for a simple process that can be completed with a single mouse click and completes all stages automatically.

Safe & Automated Approach:

You can utilize the OST to PST Converter software for a quicker and safer conversion. This program functions best for all users and provides simple options for exporting IMAP OST files to PST. This application’s simple user interface helps you do tasks without worrying about necessary procedures.


Here, we’ve covered how to transfer an OST file to a PST in Outlook so you can see data both online and offline. To copy OST to PST, manual methods are used in this case. We have also discussed how to use user-friendly software.






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