Ayurveda and the mechanisms to cope up with hair loss

Ayurveda for baldness

Hair fall is a grave issue to address. All of us tend to face this embarrassment at some point in our life. Even when you stress out it can compound the problem of hair loss a lot more. This seems to be a viscous cycle and never ending process. But you might be really happy to figure out that there is light at the end of the tunnel and use of badam rogan oil online is an effective treatment to deal with this issue.

For a long time Ayurveda treatment has been popular among women as they incorporate a natural course of treatment and since ancient times have been a popular cure remedy. Not only can you buy badam rogan online there are some other popular Ayurveda treatments even coping up with hair fall. The treatment of hair loss for Ayurveda is structured as it helps to pinpoint the causes of hair fall and even to address the issue in an effective manner. Once again this is related to the body type and a balance of the various doshas that you are suffering from. Even there are multiple reasons for hair loss that can go on to vary from one person to another.

The main reason for hair loss is pitta dosha. This governs our digestion and metabolism levels. A balance of this dosha leads to a healthy mind and body as it goes on to control our general wellbeing. Once you are able to identify the cause of this dosha you are able to rectify it. Anxiety, stress or bad habits can pave way for excessive hair loss. When you consume excess of tea, coffee or spicy food it can lead to an imbalance of this dosha. As per Ayurveda the other causes of hair loss in men along with women are hormonal imbalances. The essence of Ayurveda is that it addresses the core issue that promotes hair growth. Let us now explore some of the popular Ayurveda forms of treatment


Rated to be a popular Ayurveda solution for hair fall but also purifies blood and deals with digestion issues. The condition of the scalp improves where you can tackle dandruff and even aggravation of the scalp. When you are going to use it with shikakai it acts as a natural dye that goes on to provide a brown colour.

This remedy can be applied 3 times in a week and even you can extra amla juice and rely on the liquid.


For centuries neem is considered to be a popular treatment for hair loss and encourage hair growth. Once you regularly use neem on your scalp it fosters better blood circulation and goes on to strengthen the hair roots paving way for more hair growth. The moment your scalp is affected by dryness or dandruff the roots of your hair are prone to damage. This causes hair loss and neem would help you to be dealing with such conditions.

For effective results this remedy has to be used three times in a week.


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