A Brief Discussion On Industrial RO Plant


From drinking to daily chores, water is needed everywhere. Water plays a crucial role in maintaining our health. Insufficient water intake can cause several health issues. Add to that; contaminated water can cause even more health issues. Water available from different sources is contaminated with various types of toxic materials like arsenic, cadmium, barium, chromium, ammonia, etc. There can be numerous germs and living microbes in your drinking water too if not treated properly. So, this seems to be mandatory to treat water in proper ways to get rid of unwanted diseases. We use water purifiers at home to treat our drinking water properly. In India, this is hard to choose the best water purifier at home over so many existing options. This takes a long intervention and researches to find out the best option with all the required facilities that too within budget. Whenever the best water purifier at home is bought, we always should go for the laboratory test of our water. Once the level of contamination of the water is known, this would help you to understand the best technology and the best water purifier in the home you can afford. After knowing the best technology you want to treat your water, this is the time to find out the best water purifier at home.

The primary technology used in water purifiers is known as RO technology.

RO Technology

RO Technology is widely used nowadays in all types of water purifiers. RO technology stands for Reverse osmosis technology. A semi-permeable membrane is used in this technology that allows passing the water through it and simultaneously helps to separate all the toxic materials, including impurities and microbes. This technology works best for hard water. The only drawback that this technology has is it traps the beneficial minerals too. The newest technology of using TDS has minimized the issue.

After initiating the use of RO technology, there two more technologies have appeared. They re-RO UF technology and RO UV technology.

The RO UF technology uses a semi-permeable membrane consisting of fine pores. Here the pores are more significant than RO membrane. The water is passed through the fine pores of the membrane, and these pores help to trap all the toxic material. The ancient filtration method is used in this technology with modern improvisations. And the other one is RO UV purification which has been seen to be way more effective than any other technology available in the market. This method is capable of destroying almost 99.99% of germs and microbes present in the water. The water purifier consists of a lamp that emits UV rays. This UV rays help in destroying all the toxic material present so effectively.

Nowadays, all of the technologies mentioned above have been incorporated together in water purifiers altogether for the best result.

We use water purifiers mounted on a wall at home to get purified water, but when it comes to cleaning large quantities of water, say, in schools, offices, in large buildings or municipalities, there is a need for ro industrial. Besides that, any industrial areas, including pharmaceutical industries requiring a large quantity of purified water can install industrial ro plant.

The Advantages Of Using Industrial RO Plant

  • This is easy to install, and the servicing procedure is also not, so trouble making
  • This is a fully automatic system. So, this needs no types of supervision while working
  • This helps to get safe drinking water as well as safe water for any other purposes
  • This is capable of removing active and inactive bacteria too, which is very important in industrial utilities.

Several industrial RO manufacturers in India have been serving us for decades with best quality industrial ro plants. So, this can seem to be us a challenge to find out the best type of RO plant for the industrial purpose that too within budget. Here are some suggestions with brief and salient features to make your job a little more smooth-

Automatic 250 LPH RO Plant

  • It costs Rs. 69,000/- only
  • It is capable of purifying 200-500 liters of water per hour
  • The ro plant consists of four filters. So, the water passes through four types of filters to get the best result
  • The maximum water recovery rate ranges from 55 to 60 percent

 SATYANEER 250 LPH Stainless Steel RO System

  • It costs 49,500/- only
  • This possesses a compact design
  • It is easy to function and for handling too
  • The purified water production capacity is 250 LPH
  • This has a stainless steel frame which is sturdy and ensures prolonged durability

 Generic 500 Lph Ro Plant Water Purifier Systems

  • Consists of an NSF Certified Membrane
  • Capable of 11000 Liter per Day Duty Cycle
  • Has a dry run protection


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