9 Landscaping Trends For Residential Spaces 2019


Just like any other trend that is there in the market today, both the landscaping and garden trends would come and leave.

In 2019 we are moving towards a more earthy design and feel with the use of the natural materials, outdoor living areas and edible gardens that are out there.

The beautification of the gardens in the past year depended mainly on the bolder minimalists featuring both the metallic and polished surfaces.

1. The Outdoor Living Spaces

There is a huge extension of the outdoor living spaces that have been seen in 2019. You can well use them for the recreation, enjoyment or any other living purposes with the outdoor area which is an outdoor space.

These are usually set up as a seamless extension of the home such as the dining patio onto which the kitchen opens up and they can also be enclosed or standalone areas including that of the gazebos.

The choices are many. You can also choose to have driveways installed with the help of the driveway paving Sydney services. You can well spend a lot of time is your day outdoors with great natural areas.

If you are living in an area with a colder climate sheltered outdoor living area with a fireplace that can well keep you and your family warm while you are spending your time outdoors in the cold winter months. This is the best example to go ahead with.

2. Edible Gardens

Several people have turned themselves to live simpler lifestyles with the trend that is towards maintaining the edible garden that you might grow.

They can well make stunning additions to the landscape as the edible gardens provide you with healthy veggies, herbs, and fruits at a lower cost.

3. Sustainability Powered by Technology

The lifestyle can be impacted continuously when it comes to sustainability which is a major trendsetter here. Technology can drive improved sustainability and resource-management outcomes that can help you cut the costs and save time at home when they are used in the right way.

4. Naturescaping

To complement or blend with the nature in itself, there is a rising trend towards naturescaping or with the design of the gardens.

You can well utilize design elements that can soften the impact of the structures such as pergolas or sheds as a naturescape garden would make extensive use of the native species of plants.

There are no pesticides or harmful fertilizers that are used here. You can well create a natural-looking space that is beautiful to behold all is what they aim would be here.

5. Greener and Natural Materials

You can well use the organic materials with the growth of the naturescaping which is coupled with a shift. As several households can switch to greener gardening and design practices with the demand for eco-friendly materials that are used for the landscaping.

The sun-dried tiles and the wooden stepping stones are the most popular uses for hardscaping. DIY aesthetics are all in their landscaping with the overall trend that is a movement away from the sleek and ultra-modern to a homier.

6. Dwarf Shrubbery

There are this latest preference and choice for dwarf shrubbery along with a movement towards their smaller households.

There are a growing number of requests for the lower-maintenance of the gardens as there are many to add dwarf evergreen shrubs according to the landscape designers.

It is quite easy to get hold of as the decorative shrubbery blooms and the outcome is a lot of time that is saved on the clipping and the shaping of the shrubs.

7. Planting with both Local and Regional

The hyper localism trend might not work that well when they reach the landscaping mainstream by 2019. They need to be sourced hyper-locally as there is always growing interested in the localism that is beyond the native plants to the endemic plants.

The challenge that lies here is mainly to find the native species that are specific to their region aligning well with their aesthetic plans for most of the households that are there.

8. No More Mow Lawns

You can mainly turn away from the traditional, manicured, water-intensive lawn for some alternative turf seeds and the blends that need not require much of mowing with the sustainability-conscious households that are present here.

9. Color Blocking

Color blocking is one of the most particular landscaping trends that you might come across. For highlighting spaces and the framing of the areas, this is what the use is for the discrete, higher impact blocks of color.

You can make the best use of the outdoor rugs and curtains that are there in an outdoor space with the examples that include the patio walls too.


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