8 Moves For A Totally Firm Lower Body

lower body exercises

Practically everyone knows that Pilates can help you sculpt beautiful abs. But devotees of the ever more popular workout have a secret: It’s also a great way to get sleek thighs, a tight tush, and a totally toned lower body.

lower body exercisesYou don’t have to squander your savings on expensive studio lessons to reap the benefits.

Do these exercises three times a week for eight weeks and you’ll show off enviable legs and an amazing butt to go along with your firmer middle.

1Modified Sissy Squat

Targets: Quads, Hips, Glutes

  • Kneel on floor, sitting back on heels with knees slightly apart, holding bar across upper back with torso erect.
  • Lift hips, squeezing glutes as you come up while tilting pelvis and rolling butt underneath hips.
  • Hold for 1 count; lower and repeat.

Flex and Extend

Targets: Hamstrings, Quads, Calves, Core

  • Sit tall on a stability ball facing a wall with knees bent 90 degrees, toes apart and resting on bar placed against the wall, feet turned out toward corners with heels together.
  • Extend arms out by thighs, palms facing behind you.
  • Squeeze glutes and slowly roll away from the wall, straightening legs.
  • Hold for 1 count, then slowly bend knees to roll back to start.
  • Repeat.


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