7 Cheap Backyard Lighting Ideas to Try In 2019


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With the arrival of the warmer season, most people love to spend their evenings in their backyard and garden area in their house. Do you know that backyard lighting can create your outdoor space more lovable?

A good lighting system can create an enjoyable atmosphere and spread positive vibes all around. You can easily spend your time at your backyard with your family, have a late snack, or a sip of a tea or coffee.

To install an effective lighting system in your backyard area, you should take the help of professionals like electrician Northern Beaches.

Here, in this article, we have listed down some amazing backyard lighting ideas to get your yard in shape for summer evenings! A perfect backyard lighting will make your home more spacious!

1. Install Retro Solar Lamp

The best way to light up a large area is to use common exterior lights- Solar lamp post. It is available in various styles and sizes so that you can choose any one as per your requirement. These lamps can provide a significant level of brightness.

Even some of their varieties may flood your backyard with a high level of illumination that can create virtual daylight during night time. But you can also purchase a dimmer version of these kinds of lights. The dimmer version will provide subtle glow in your backyard.

To install a retro lamp in your backyard call experienced professionals like Northern Beaches electricians.

These lights must be positioned very high with the help of tall poles. During the day, sunlight recharges the batteries during daytime and light up your backyard during the night. That means zero running cost!

2. String Lights For Outdoor Area

If you are looking for most effective decorating lighting ideas for your backyard then the outdoor string is the best choice. It is available in various style, lengths, and colors.

You should purchase long strings of LED and hang it around the patio. These lights can build a beautiful effect in your backyard. Decorative soft lightings will spread positive vibes and also help in entertaining your guests.

3. Umbrella Lights

The best place in your backyard is the patio and your decking area. Light up these areas properly and continue with your night party. Using patio umbrella lights is one of the most impressive ways to light up patios and decks.

Also, these lights can be used anywhere else in your garden to provide a great effect. There are lots of design available in umbrella lights so that you can choose as per your taste. If these backyard lights stop working then do not try to fix it yourself, immediately call professionals like emergency electrician Northern Beaches.

4. Dazzling Outdoor LED Furniture

LED furniture is the latest invention in the field of outdoor decorating elements. One of the best advantages of LED lighting fixtures is that they do not create any heating effect.  Therefore, the LED lighting system can be used in various ways.

Want to upgrade your backyard furniture then there could be nothing better than outdoor LED furniture. It is available in different forms, shapes, size, style and can be quite spectacular.

5. Lighting Effects Inside The Ponds

A pond in your backyard area can significantly enhance the beauty of your place. It can further improve the beauty of your backyard if pond lightings are used.

Use solar lights in spikes around the pond!. It is an effective way to highlight the beautiful feature in your garden. Moreover, solar lights are cost-effective. No surge in utility bills.

You can also use submersible pond lights. These lights will provide an underwater glow. You can not install submersible lights on your own because it can be highly dangerous, call professionals like Northern Beaches electrician.

6. Outdoor Solar Lighting

Above mentioned solar lights are battery or mains power-driven. If it id power-driven then electric outlet must be nearby to the outdoor lighting system. On the other hand, if it is battery-driven then these lights are good for a short time. 

But modern solar panels are really effective as they do not need even direct sunlight. They can be charged their battery by indirect lights and can power your outdoor lights for several hours. There are various types of the outdoor solar lighting system.

7. Outdoor Uplighting

One of the amazing backyard lighting styles is uplighting. This is a favorite lighting idea among interior designers. Uplighting looks great inside the house but how to use it in your backyard?

You can place outdoor furniture and set these lights behind that furniture. The similar technique should be used while decorating your garden area and this technique looks highly impressive if we talk about colored lights.


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