6 Simple Ideas For Meaningful Gift-Giving


The time has come to think of the dear friends in your life and thank them for being there. It is time to think of the presents for the end of the year. But, the point here is to make them meaningful instead of just expensive. We’ve listed some unique ideas for this year’s gift-giving season.

Appeal to someone’s hobby

Every person has something they are passionate about. This so-called passion project is what they pursue in their free time. If you want to appeal to their hobby, find out if they need something for their hobby. Gym goers can always use new shaker or protective gloves. People who enjoy DIY projects might need some tools or materials. Gardening enthusiasts might need a new set of pots that fit well into their living room color scheme. Artistic people will find a set of Origami paper an amazing gift. They will get a chance to express their creative side and everyone loves Origami. Just make sure to do some research and find out what your friends enjoy and need.

Gift an experience

Tangible gifts are not the only option during the holiday gifting season. Intangible gifts are even more valuable because the memories will last forever. So, you can give a gift of experience to the ones you love. For example, you can give a fitness monthly pass to someone who has always wanted to try Pilates or HIIT workouts. To those who love theatre or opera, you can give them tickets to a new show. If you’ve always wanted to go on a quick trip with a family member, you can plan a trip for both of you. Once you give a gift of experience, the recipient will always associate this experience to you and your close relationship.

Bring back the memories with a gift

Gifts can bring back the memories and wake up the nostalgia. People love to reminisce about the past moment and relive happy memories. A photobook can bring back some happy memories of the past. We take photos daily, but we keep them stored on external hard-disks and memory cards. We keep storing them but do not look at them. That is why people can revive some memories if they gift someone a photobook. These shared memories will no longer be on the cloud, forgotten and tucked away. Your parents will love a photo book of the most important moments, from your holidays, and celebrations. A close friend can also go down the memory lane if you present them with some funny moments from the time while you were going out, partying and living the life.

Host a wrapping party

The holiday season is one of the busiest time of the year, people often don’t have time for a simple coffee or a brunch because they are running around, gift shopping. So, you can host a gift wrapping party. You can wrap some gifts together and have fun along the way. You can be the one responsible for wrapping supplies. Someone else can bring some drinks while a third person can mix up a playlist. Either way, everyone can have a responsibility besides bringing their unwrapped gifts. To give this party a personal touch, order a sweet treat from Zest Patisserie. Pick a cake everyone will like and create a real, festive atmosphere. 

Add a personal touch, too

Ladies in your life love DIY gift baskets filled with useful objects. For example, if you have a friend who has been through a lot this year, she can benefit from a beauty box. Include 2 face masks – one for hydration and one with anti-aging properties. Add a scented candle and a few protein bars. Write a personalized message in the form of a manual – how to use this gift basket. Your friend will find this gift very thoughtful and very useful. You can even invite her to join you during your next at-home spa session. This way you’ll get the chance to bond and exchange beauty tips and tricks.

Book is always a good choice

You’ve probably heard people saying that a room without books is like a body without a soul. Your book-loving friends probably consider this as one of their life pearls of wisdom. Anyone who loves to read will be thrilled with this gift. Those who just can’t seem to find the time to read, might just start with the right book in hands. So, look for book recommendations online and get your friends some nice reads.

We hope these six ideas will make someone dear in your life very happy. The act of giving to others is therapeutic for our soul so enjoy giving in a meaningful way.


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