5 Incredible Ab Exercises for 6 Pack Abs Starting Today

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There’s been a ton of hype and talk about teaching you how to get “six pack abs”. Some people know what they are talking about and some don’t. So we thought that we’d give you some simple and effective exercise for building that six pack.

To begin with just do one set of each exercise 3x a week. These are good exercises and you can build up from here in terms of sets and reps. Your goal initially is to do 8-12 reps in each set, and once you can consistently get through 15 reps in good form, add another set to your workout.

Note: You can have a break for 90-120 seconds between each set

11. Pike

Start with this tough one! Lie flat on your back with legs straight legs, arms on the sides, and palms facing down. Raise your legs and torso 45 degrees off the floor, making a “V” shape. Try to reach your hands alongside your legs without rounding your back and contract your core muscles – focus on contracting your abs as you move your body.



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