5 Things No One Knows About Commercial Metal Building!


    Custom metal offices, warehouses, and buildings are the hottest trend in Omaha’s construction industry. But what is so unique about commercial metal buildings that they catch the eyes of major corporations and business owners? You might think metal buildings are hot, less appealing, and unsafe, but sorry to burst your myth; metal buildings are perfectly fine and a better option than traditional buildings. But you won’t agree like this, right? Here, we present five things you need to know about metal construction before others. Let us get started now.

    Commercial Metal Buildings Come in Different Types

    Have you noticed the popularity of metal buildings in residential areas? Think of barns, garages, and sheds; aren’t most of them metal? Steel buildings have a solid reputation in the commercial sphere, and metal shops, manufacturing plants, offices, libraries, and government departments are all examples of buildings constructed using metal. Here is a detailed list you can build out of metal:

    • Storage facilities
    • Data centers
    • Corporate Office
    • Large scale dairies
    • Airplane hangers
    • Car wash
    • Metal shop
    • Hospital
    • Vehicle Storage

    What is the best part about constructing all these structures with metal? There are no length and width restrictions. If you have any idea, Commercial Metal building contractors in Omaha can turn that into reality. Start planning now!

    Metal Buildings Require Less Maintenance

    A concrete and wood building costs much money, but a pre-engineered metal building is remarkably affordable. Let us know why:

    A traditional building will lose a part of it every year, costing around half of its actual worth after 15 to 20 years due to weather damage, etc. Meanwhile, a metal warehouse or mill will last a lifetime as steel doesn’t attract any corrosion or weather-related damage. 

    Concrete buildings need constant repairs and maintenance, like constructing a delaminated floor or repairing a leaking roof. However, commercial metal buildings have problems like loose bolts and painting the chipped parts. You can see which tasks are easier to perform.

    Metal warehouses can be expanded and contracted as required by your business, but the same cannot be achieved with traditional buildings. 

    Energy Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness

    Of all the factors to invest in a structure, pricing comes at the top. Especially when you are planning to do business, you need a pocket-friendly infrastructure investment. This way, you can save more money for your business. The cost saved by choosing a metal building will be the contribution of the following things.

    Energy Bills:

    A well-insulated metal structure holds the cooling and heating for a longer time. This will help you save a lot of money on energy bills. 

    Lower Construction Cost:

    A pre-engineered commercial metal building has lower construction cost because all the parts are manufactured in a factory setup. Moreover, the installation of the parts requires less time and labor. 

    Reusability of Material:

    Steel is a recyclable material, and it can be used for reconstruction in the future. 

    Different Roof Styles

    The metal buildings can have different roof styles. The following are the most popular:


    It is a free roof style, and it is not perfect for a large-scale building because it leads to water and snow pooling. 

    One Side Slope:

    These roofs don’t require internal beams and are more common for small buildings.


    A gable roof is made of two panels that are arranged in a triangle shape. This is more used in residential structures. 


    A hipped roof is popular in the agricultural community. This is constructed by joining four metal sheets together in a pyramidical form.

    Super-fast Turnaround Times:

    A commercial metal building has faster turnaround times than traditional ones. A concrete and wood building takes six months to a year to complete. Meanwhile, with metal construction, you can shrink the construction time and get a structure ready within a week.

    In other words, you will not have to hire different subcontractors (architects, engineers and designers) to finish the project. Imagine getting a custom-made building within a week! Metal builders can do that. In the customization process, you can choose roof style, size and dimensions, windows and doors, and additional storage space. 

    Tips to Construct a Metal Building

    The metal building needs excellent attention to detail because there is less scope for change in design or size once construction starts. Here are some tips for commercial metal building construction that can help you and your contractor:


    A simple mistake in building a foundation can result in complete collapse later on. Therefore, you need to make sure the foundation of your structure is the right size and shape. The foundation of a retail shop will differ from the foundation of the warehouse. 


    Metals are good conductors of heat. They are like best friends. Therefore, if you are constructing anything like a metal shop or agricultural storage, you must manage the temperature using quality insulation. The options available in the market are rigid boards, bubble insulations, spray foams, etc. 

    Construction Technique:

    For businesses that urgently need a commercial metal building, you can choose a prefabricated steel building. However, you can construct a building from scratch if you have time.

    The Choice Between Materials: 

    Different metals are used in metal construction, but steel is the winner in all terms. It is durable, anti-corrosion and stays strong for years.

    Choosing the Contractors:

    Commercial structures are not easy to construct. You will need to choose a reliable, licensed, insured construction company. The experienced companies can understand your needs better and help with smooth commercial metal building construction.


    Lacey Construction Inc. is in high demand if you are going for a commercial metal building in Omaha and looking to hire a reputable contractor. They can help you build any metal structure on customization and a pocket-friendly budget. They can construct anything from a simple metal shed or garage to a warehouse or industrial building. Reach out to them today and get a quote for your metal building now!


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