15 Questions To Ask Before Finalizing Function Venues


1. What function is it? Is it a birthday, marriage, or office event?

Before determining the venue of the function, you should determine the type of event it is and select the place accordingly. It is important to check out the basic arrangements like food, water supply, fire extinguisher, emergency exits and so on. Moreover, you also need to check the security system in the function venues and then go for creating and curating an event successfully.

2. When Is The Event? 

You must book the hall much before to avoid any last-minute hassles. Therefore, it is wise to know the date of the event.   The timing is important because guests also need to travel from the venue to their home, so you also need to check the modes of transport and communication before you go.

3. What Is The Size Of The Function? 

You must know the grandeur of the event before you book the hall.  

4. What Is The Budget Of The Function? 

Finalizing the budget of the complete function is extremely important to make wise decisions while spending money. 

5. What Season Is It When The Function Will Take Place? 

Knowing the season when the event is falling is essential. It will help you decide whether you should book an indoor location or outdoor location depending on the priority and on your budget.

6. What Will Be The Right Location For The Event And How To Determine It? 

You should look for the location that is at the central place and easily accessible to stations, airports, taxi stand extYour guests should be able to locate it quickly.

7. What Are The Parking Facilities At The Function Venues? 

You should ask the owner of the venue of the parking facilities. If the site has no parking of its own, then you must figure out other parking options.  

8. What Is The Capacity Of The Venue? 

You should first decide the number of guests and staff that will attend your party.

9. Will The Venue Provide Catering Services And Food? 

It is essential to know if the venue is going to provide catering services or not. Else you will have to find an alternative that can be more tiring. 

10. Does The Function Venue Have A Proper And Functional Kitchen?

It is also essential to check if your venue has a well-equipped kitchen when you hire a function venues.

11. Does It Have The Chairs And Tables With Covers For The Guests?

You must ask the manager if they are equipped with a table, chairs, and linen to cover them or now. How many tables and chairs can they provide, and If that is sufficient for you or not? 


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