10 Simple & Interesting Ways How to Improve Your Memory

Ways of to Improve Your Memory

How to Improve Your Memory

COPD SymptomsHaving a good memory is something we all would hope to have and maintain our entire lives. A good memory is not a necessarily a reserve of the lucky few as some people think. Most people can have a good memory so long as the health and vitality of your brain is in good shape. Having a good memory and brain processes is critical when navigating life. Whether you are a student, a working professional or a senior citizen, it is good to ensure you learn how to improve and maintain your memory.

Many people complain that they have bad memory. However, what we fail to realize is you don’t have to be a forgetful person or have a poor memory. The good news is there a numerous ways to improve your memory and boost your overall mental performance.

1What Causes Bad Memory?

Our brains have neurotransmitters or brain chemicals which are responsible for sending messages to different parts of the body as well as take charge of key body functions. For instance, if you have blank episodes where you suddenly forget what you wanted to say, chances are high one of the neurotransmitters has failed most likely because of a short supply of nutrients to the brain cells.

So, how can you improve your memory? Below are 10 simple yet effective ways which have been proven by experts to aid in memory boosting.

Eat the Right Diet – Improve Your Memory

how to boost your memory

If you want to learn how to improve your memory retention, don’t just eat anything. You must learn how to choose your diet carefully; know what you’re supposed to eat and what you shouldn’t. Fresh vegetables and whole grains i.e ‘brown’ cereals are ideal for individuals who are keen on boosting their memory.

Foods such as broccoli, celery, curry, walnuts and cauliflower have antioxidants as well as other compounds that safeguard your health in addition to facilitating the production of new brain cells. It’s advisable not to eat too much sugar because it’s not good for keeping your memory active among many other reasons that it doesn’t help your health.

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Learn how to balance your omega-3 fat and omega-6 fats ratio by increasing animal based omega-3 fats. Fish is a major protein associated with improving your memory because salmon, tuna, mackerel among other types of fish have omega-3 fatty acids including DHA which is responsible for the normalizing the functioning of brain cells.

Coconut oil is known to be good for improving your memory because it works well to boost overall brain function and prevent degenerative neurological diseases which can affect memory. Other foods known to improve memory include; tomatoes and blueberries.



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