10 Things Your Dentist Wish You Knew About Oral Health


Who doesn’t love a great smile with pearly white teeth? However, we often fail to take good care of our teeth. And when we finally visit the dentist, we expect them to work miracles on our teeth. However, that’s not always possible. They aren’t magicians, but all dentists Los Angeles want you to know these 10 things about oral health. Let’s have a look. 

Take time to brush your teeth

Have you ever watched the time, i.e., for how long you have brushed your teeth? Most probably not! Most of us brush our teeth for 2 minutes, but according to dentists, that is not enough. You should take more time while brushing your teeth. Since those plaques have grown for over 12 hours in your mouth, it would take more than just two minutes to get rid of them. A good amount of time brushing will save your trip to the dentist. 

Twice brush is essential

Most of us have the habit of brushing once a day, i.e., after waking up in the morning. Even many of us have the habit of drinking bed tea before brushing. But what most of us fail to realize is that our mouth has been a house to bacterial growth overnight. And it’s essential that you brush your teeth after dinner to get rid of all the food that’s stuck in between your teeth. So, not just in the morning, you’ll have to brush your teeth at night before you go to sleep. 

Use fluoride toothpaste

The use of fluoride toothpaste is another dental health recommendation that dentists want you to know. Mineral crystals that help the enamel harden are present in the densely packed enamel of teeth. Acid produced by these bacteria in your mouth, which feed on carbohydrates, can dissolve these crystals. Using fluoride toothpaste aids in the re-mineralization of dental enamel and increases the crystallinity of these minerals. 

You need to floss

Most of us just manage to brush our teeth once a day. But almost all dentists suggest that flossing is as crucial as brushing. No doubt brushing helps you clean your teeth, but what about those stubborn pieces of food stuck between your teeth? Brushes often fail to get those out, and that’s where flossing comes to the rescue. Los Angeles dentist says that flossing at least once every day ensures that your teeth are free from plaque buildup and there’s no food stuck in between teeth. 

Keep your tongue clean

Unexpectedly, the color or look of your tongue might reveal more than you might believe about your dental and general health. Your tongue may have a buildup of germs if it seems to have white patches on it. Bacteria love to hide in your tongue’s taste buds and other crevices, especially if you don’t brush or clean it at regular intervals. This is why one of the oral health advice you should keep in mind is to clean your tongue. White patches on your tongue can also be a sign of thrush, a yeast infection of the mouth that frequently develops while taking antibiotics. 

Your food affects your teeth

Avoid consuming excessive amounts of sweets and sugary beverages. You’ve undoubtedly heard that advice about dental health before. While it is true that sugars feed bacteria and that soda and candy both contain large amounts of sugar, these foods aren’t the only ones that contain this type of sugar. In addition to other foods like corn, potatoes, rice, and bread, starch is a carbohydrate that includes sugars that can feed microorganisms. So, instead, if you add green vegetables and protein to your diet, it makes your gums and teeth healthy in the long run. Also, consuming calcium products ensures that you have strong and white teeth. 

Avoid food that stains your teeth

We all love pearly white teeth, don’t we? But at times, we often do things unknowingly that, in the long run, leave a brown stain on our teeth. Having tea, coffee, or even smoking leaves a kind of brown stain on your teeth. And if you have to have your morning tea/coffee, it’s recommended you drink it using a straw. 

Keep your mouth dehydrated

According to dentists in Los Angeles, it’s important that your mouth produces an ample amount of saliva. And for that, you’ve to stay hydrated by consuming at least two liters of water each day. Saliva serves as the mouth’s natural antibacterial and deters tooth decay. Without it, extra food particles and germs won’t be removed, leaving you with poor breath and making your teeth more vulnerable to decay.

Your toothbrush needs to be changed

Don’t we all continue to use the same toothbrush for months? But that’s very unhygienic as every toothbrush has an expiry date. You need to change your toothbrush at 12-13 week intervals. Look for signs of a worn-out toothbrush, like discolored bristles or a bad smell. Change as soon as you notice these signs. 

You need a dentist’s appointment every 6 months


To maintain your oral health, schedule two dental exams a year with dentists in Los Angeles. When it comes to oral health, frequent dental examinations enable your dentist to keep your mouth clean and healthy while also spotting early indications of dental problems.



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