8 Moves For A Totally Firm Lower Body


Practically everyone knows that Pilates can help you sculpt beautiful abs. But devotees of the ever more popular workout have a secret: It’s also a great way to get sleek thighs, a tight tush, and a totally toned lower body.

lower body exercisesYou don’t have to squander your savings on expensive studio lessons to reap the benefits.

Do these exercises three times a week for eight weeks and you’ll show off enviable legs and an amazing butt to go along with your firmer middle.

2Grasshopper on Ball

Targets: Outer hips, glutes, hamstrings

  • Lie on ball with palms on floor under shoulders, fingers pointing forward, legs extended and abs pulled in.
  • Raise legs to hip level, rotating thighs so toes are pointing toward corners.

Side-Kneeling Triangle Lift

Targets: Outer thighs, glutes

  • Kneel with right knee on floor, right palm aligned under shoulder and thigh perpendicular to floor.
  • Place left hand behind head, extending left leg out to side.
  • Lift left leg to hip height, inner thigh facing floor, toes pointed, squeezing glutes and drawing in abs.
  • Keeping left leg at hip height, continue to squeeze glutes as you pull leg 12 inches behind you (not shown).


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