Worst Fast Food Meals & Worst Restaurant Meals


Fattening Fast Food Meals – Highest CaloriesIn the recent past, there’s been in increase in Americans eating fast foods because of the rapidly changing lifestyle that leaves one with no sufficient time to fix a healthy meal at home. Various studies have shown that the increasing cases of obese Americans are attributed to a substantial increase of calorie intake associated with fast foods. In fact, the US per capita calorie intake has in the last couple of years, risen by more than 300 kilocalories (kcal).

1Worst Restaurant Meals for Calories

Experts agree that many Americans are gaining weight because when they choose to eat out, they fail to make the right menu choices and unfortunately, aren’t active enough to burn off fats from the high calorie foods they consume on a daily basis.

The statistics and expert views are a true reflection of how fast food consumption is driving many Americans to obesity. According to the United States Healthful Food Council, the average American adult buys a fast food meal or snack 5.8 times in a week and more than 30% of kids eat fast food on a daily basis. The latest national survey from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention has indicated that 68% of Americans are overweight or obese (this means a body mass index of more than 25).

Did you know that in as much as you love eating out, you can cut down on the number of calories you consume? A lot of people have no idea they can still enjoy a fast food meal but pick one with less calories.

At times, few of us can resist the urge to consume a favorite fast food or two once in awhile. Various chain restaurants are guilty of serving you heavy, fattening fast food meals that are loaded with calories that keep widening your waistline. However, eating out shouldn’t be a challenge because you can find alternative healthier fast foods with fewer calories.

Here are some of the worst culprits that are famous and popular on some dining out menus. We have compiled a list of alternatives you can order in place of high calorie offenders.



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