Why You Should Switch to Natural and CBD Makeup Products


Many Cosmetics are full of Allergens and Irritants


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You may be familiar with this term because there’s been a big push to get them out of children’s products. Phthalates are used in all kinds of products, from plastic sippy cups to mattresses to skincare. This compound helps maintain surface integrity, effectively “plasticizing” items that would otherwise crumble or congeal. 

Unfortunately, phthalates have been linked to a host of physical problems, as they can mess with your body’s endocrine system. This is why parents are up in arms about phthalates in kid’s products – they can mess with a child’s development. 


The science on how and why lead is harmful to the human body is universally recognized. However, some companies still put trace amounts of this heavy metal in some of their products. Even worse, because lead helps retain vibrant colors (which is why it was added to paint), it’s mostly found in lipstick. While you may swear that you never swallow some of your lipstick by accident, the lead can be present on your lips after you take it off. 


Most people know this chemical because of its ability to keep dead bodies preserved. However, formaldehyde can do a lot more than ensure you get to dissect that frog. Typically, this ingredient is found in nail polish to help your nails maintain their luster. While that might not be a huge red flag, some other chemicals can release formaldehyde as they break down. 

So, be on the lookout for names like DMDM hydantoin, BHUT (butylated hydroxytoluene), bronopol, and Diazolidinyl urea. Sometimes, however, cosmetics companies will hide these names under a generic umbrella term like “fragrance” or “preservatives,” so you have to be extra careful. 

PEG Compounds

PEG stands for polyethylene glycols, which are petroleum-based. These glycols are used to thicken various makeup blends so that they hold together and stay pristine for longer. Unfortunately, PEG compounds are listed as a carcinogen, meaning that they can potentially cause cancer. Makeup companies will say that the amount of PEG compounds is negligible, but over time, those trace amounts can add up and do some serious damage. 

Another problem with PEG compounds is that they make it easier for other chemicals and ingredients to penetrate your skin. If you’re using otherwise all-natural cosmetics, this effect wouldn’t be too bad. However, can you say that for sure?


Considering that the European Union classifies parabens as a Category 1 priority in endocrine disruption, it’s a wonder that they’re present anywhere. However, in the U.S., many companies continue to use parabens as a preservative. Like phthalates, they can wreak havoc on your hormones, creating a host of different problems. However, parabens are much more potent, and they can enter your bloodstream much more quickly through the skin. Simply put, if you’re putting parabens on your face, you might as well be ingesting them.

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