Why You Should Switch to Natural and CBD Makeup Products

Natural Make up

Born on a cold winter evening Saint Jane Frances de Chantal was a wife, mother, and strong advocate for Women.  Known best for her natural healing ability Jane Frances de Chantal is invoked as the patron of forgotten people, widows, and parents who are separated from their children.  

Her reputation for sanctity and sound management resulted in many visits by (and donations from) aristocratic women.  Her wisdom and advocacy have lasted for generations.

Natural Makeup

One company has carried the Saint Jane Frances de Chantal legacy on by creating a line of all-natural CBD infused beauty products.  

Saint Jane Beauty has discovered a sustainable alternative to chemical-based cosmetics.  However, while natural cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular, progress is still an uphill battle. If you’re not paying close attention to what goes into your makeup, you could hurt your skin in the long run. Here are the top reasons why switching to natural versions is the smart move.  


Many Cosmetics are Full of Allergens and Irritants

When you pick up a can or box of food at the supermarket, chances are you look at the label to see what kind of ingredients are inside. However, how closely are you inspecting the label on your cosmetics? Typically, synthetic products are full of chemicals and other items that are virtually impossible to pronounce. 

Without looking it up, do you know what Methylisothiazolinone is? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you – it’s a preservative that helps keep your makeup (and other personal care products) from decomposing. However, it’s also listed as a cytotoxin that can adversely affect your cells. It’s unclear how this compound can affect your skin, but it’ll be a mystery without extensive research. 

While we won’t go into all of the various allergens and irritants that may or may not be in your cosmetic drawer, we’ll highlight some of the worst offenders. If you notice any of these ingredients on your makeup bottle, you should dump it. Fortunately, the best all-natural products, like those from Saint Jane Beauty, are free of these components.

Not only are there Allergens and Irritants but even more chemicals commonly found in your makeup, that are harmful to your skin.