Why is Insomnia Treatment Important?


Insomnia is a serious sleeping disorder that is affecting millions of people across the globe. People suffering from this disorder find it very difficult to sleep. This leads to lethargy, mood swings, feeling of being un-well, and daytime sleepiness in short this kills the human productivity and assassinates the body slowly and sturdily. Insomnia treatment helps us reduce the symptoms and get sound sleep. 

According to the national sleep foundation, 30 to 40 percent of Americans report that they haven’t had good sleep in last 12 months or few also complain of chronic insomnia symptoms that need ok insomnia treatment immediately. 

Causes: The disorder can be due to both physical and psychological factors. Transient insomnia is short-termed caused due to occurrence of recent disturbances. Chronic insomnia is something we need to worry about as it definitely needs insomnia treatment. 

Few causes are listed below: Mental and psychological issues: Depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder etc. 

Medical conditions: These include many medical conditions like Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, GERD, Chronic pain. Heart failure etc. Disturbance in circadian rhythm: job shifts, change of place, change of climate come under this list. 

Hormones: spike in estrogens during menstruation is the best examples for insomnia due to hormones. Other factors include snoring partner, hyperactive mind, watching TV till u close your eyes to sleep and pregnancy. 

Effects: If insomnia treatment is not taken on time the person may suffer from its side effects like no motivation and energy, feeling drowsy all day, mood swings, and staying preoccupied are some to mention. 

The impact of insomnia is huge in one’s life. Some of the side effects may seem obvious but many symptoms worsen as time passes. Insomnia treatment is a necessity to address this disorder. 

Many people in the society don’t talk about their sleep problems, as they either feel that they can cope up with it easily or they are so much habituated for insomnia that it doesn’t matter anymore. Long term insomnia can lead to health issues on long run, it may lead to problems related to blood pressure, heart related and cholesterol issues. Few people may also have problems to work hard and feel drained out easily that can be troublesome in long term. 

More about insomnia treatment: One can be treated in pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceutical ways. After hearing your case completely, doctor will make a decision on what needs to be done .They may sometimes try some treatments before finding the most effective one for your case. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy is known to be the most appropriate and effective treatment for adults. 

Sometimes sleep hygiene is also recommended to change some sleep habits which may distract you from getting sleep. Some changes which are commonly suggested are: 

l  Avoiding caffeine before bedtime.

l  Avoiding exercise before bedtime

l  Keep a gap of minimum 3 hours between dinner and bedtime.

l  Switch or the TVs and don’t browse net before sleeping

l  Read few pages in a good book 

l  Listen to mind soothing music.

l  Meditate for some time. Early morning meditation with groups can be helpful. 

If there exists any hidden problem due to which you are not able to sleep then the doctor may refer you to the required therapist to handle symptoms and reduce them. Insomnia is a serious problem that is not addressed properly and many people are not aware that there exists insomnia treatments which is given by specialists.The Insomnia treatment is effective and one can get lot of benefits. Sound asleep at night implies to refreshing mornings and a smiling energetic day. This also improves our productivity and helps us take control of our life and live it in a happier and healthier way.



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