What’s in a Package: Important Health Tests included in Health Screenings


Health screenings help detect medical issues even before symptoms start to manifest. If a person undergoes health examination and gets diagnosed with a condition, they have more chances of recovery as a result of early intervention.

As no one knows what sort of conditions a person may have, health screening services often comes in different packages. These packages are designed to look into the different aspect of a person’s health, typically focusing on the vital organs and systems of the body. Here is a short guide to the tests that are most commonly included in health screening packages.

Blood Testing

A blood test is done to look into a number of aspects such as your blood sugar, cholesterol, and uric acid. According to Medifast Hong Kong, these aspects are some of the key indicators of your overall health, as well as your risks of developing common disease such as diabetes, so they suggest having them checked regularly.

Blood tests are also important to monitor the current state of your thyroid, kidney, and liver. Infections such as HIV and syphilis can also be detected by undergoing the test.

Radiological Scanning

Radiological scans such as x-rays, mammograms, and ultrasounds are also common inclusions in most health screening packages. These tests are done to check for structural issues in your body. The presence of tumors and stones, for instance, can be detected through these scans.

Female adults are often recommended to undergo ultrasound and mammogram. This is to get them screened for ovarian cysts and breast cancer, respectively. These tests also play an important role in checking the health status of key organs such as kidney, thyroid, gall bladder, and liver. Liver cirrhosis and liver cancer, for example, can be detected through radiological scanning.


Electrocardiogram, also known as EKG or ECG, is also typically included in many health screening packages. This examination is usually recommended for people who have higher risk heart diseases. According to Web MD, ECGs are used by doctors to check a person’s heart rhythm, detect poor blood flow, and diagnose heart attack.

These three tests are among the most important inclusions in the usual health screening packages. The more comprehensive screenings packages include a lot more. Medifast Hong Kong suggests asking your healthcare provider to learn more about the ideal health screening package for you.



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