What to Do with Baby Oil? 18 Cool Ways to Use It

amazing uses of baby oil

Baby oil is a common product that many households especially those with babies don’t miss. What many people don’t know is your bottle of baby oil can serve you in many other ways aside from applying to your baby’s skin to ensure it maintains a soft feel. You’ll be surprised to learn that baby oil can help you around the home saving you a lot of time and money.

Baby Oil UsesBecause baby oil is cheap, a lot of people who know its multipurpose benefits tend to prefer it for home use since it’s a good replacement for many products. So, what is baby oil used for?  Here are some of the most common uses of baby oil:

1Uses for Baby Oil and Your Face

Removing Makeup

There are lots of products you can use to remove makeup. However, if you have baby oil in your house, simply apply it to the face, wipe off the makeup and wash your face. In addition, applying baby oil helps you to prevent harsh chemicals from affecting your eyes when removing makeup.

Get Rid of Earwax

baby oil uses

A lot of people don’t know but an accumulation of earwax can cause numerous ear complications such as temporary hearing impairment. However, you can get quick and effective relief from clogged ears by putting some drops of baby oil into your affected ear.  And let that help you get rid of the clogged ear issue!

Use Baby Oil for Shaving

baby oil for shaving

If you’re not careful, shaving can at times leave you with nicks and cuts on your skin. However, baby oil serves as a skin moisturizer and by using a bit of it, your shaving will be safe, thorough and enjoyable.  And best of all, silky smooth and soft skin!



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