What is Google algorithm and how does it work?


Do you know what the Google algorithm is and how it works? If you are a blogger then you should know about Google Algorithms and Google Algorithm Update. In this post we will show you what is Google Algorithm and how it works? Giving full information So let’s know,

If you are a blogger then you must know about Google algorithm. Because it helps you to SEO your blog and get it top print in Google.

Search Engine Optimization is required to rank it in Google, website or blog. For that you should have knowledge of Google Algorithms.

What is Google Algorithm?
The Google algorithm is an SEO process used to rank the resulting web pages for a user-searched query.

Factors that Google uses to filter Spam in Search Engine and show better results are called Google Algorithms.

The changes Google makes at regular intervals to improve various aspects of the user experience on its search engine are all covered by the Google algorithm.

These algorithm changes are referred to by users worldwide as Google Algorithm Update.

When you search a keyword in Google, then thousands of millions of results come. Google algorithms decide which of those results to show and in which order.

Google keeps changing its algorithm frequently. In which the rules of which content will color in how and how Google keeps changing. So that no one is spamming.

With the help of this algorithm update Google removes the useless content from its search engine (from Arbo web pages) and shows the best and best content in the top.

In the initial years, Google made very few updates to its algorithms. But now the Google algorithm receives thousands of updates every year. But Google shares very little information about its algorithm updates.

How does Google Algorithm work?
To get a better understanding of how the Google algorithm works, you must first understand how the Google search engine works.

Only then you will be able to understand the “How Google Algorithm Work” Matter. So let me tell you about it in detail.

Google uses 4 methods for this.

Crawling Web Pages: First Google Spider (Googlebot) crawls Billion web pages on the Internet.
Analyze Page Contents: After that analyze the pages which are available on internet and web server.
Store in the Content: After that Google saves all those pages in its store.
Filter (by Ranking Algorithms): Then their ranking is determined by filtering according to Google algorithm.
After this comes the work of Google algorithm which checks the rank of web pages in search engines. Let’s know about it,

Google Algorithms scrutinizes indexed web pages closely and see which content is better among them and which one to take the top.

For this, he decides the rank of pages according to many SEO Factors like Website Content Quality, Domain Authority, Backlinks.

Google algorithm ranks web pages according to not one but thousands of SEO Factors and Algorithms Updates.

Google Algorithm Updates is not one but thousands. As I mentioned above, Google makes thousands of updates every year to its algorithm.

Different rules of ranking are applied in all those algorithm updates. Therefore it would be wrong to just state the rules of an algorithm.

Google has many new old updates. Let me tell you a little detail about them.

Humming bird
Page Layout Update
Mobile Speed ​​Update
Mobile-first index
Zero Result SERP Test
This was some of the top Google algorithm updates of 2018. But among them, it is the three most popular.

Important Google Updates in Hindi:
Google Panda: It mainly focuses on the quality of the content.
Google Penguin: It mainly focuses on the quality of the links.
Google Humming Bird: It pays attention to accurate search queries in many ways by accurate handling.
Websites that are compatible with these updates increase their rank in Google and those that are beyond their rules are ranked down. Google Bad, gives Penalty to the Spam Content website and blocks it from the SERPs.

We have shared Guideline about Google Core Algorithm Update with full details. So that you can understand Google Algorithm Work better.

Google Core Algorithm Update August 2019 (Solution in Hindi)
This was the information of Google Algorithms. In this way Google provides the best and useful information in search engines through its algorithms.

For more information about the latest update of Google algorithms, you can see the Google Algorithm Change History page of Moz.

I have summarized here about Google algorithms. Hope you like this information and have a good understanding of what Google Algorithms is and how it works.

If you have any question about Google algorithm, you can reach in the comment section. You will be helped every possible way.



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