What Happens When You Quit Smoking – Timeline

what happens when you quit smaking

why quit smoking

Looking for a quit smoking timeline? Whether you are curious for yourself or someone close to you, just what doe happen when you quit smoking?  It’s one of the biggest questions in the minds of those considering dropping the habit.  Today, smoking is one of the world’s top addictions. It’s also one of the hardest to break with many saying that it’s more difficult than some drug addictions.  So what are some benefits in stopping and when can one start to see some positive results?

1Health Risks and Effects of Quitting Smoking:

Smoking is associated with numerous health risks that aren’t good for your body. Some of the most common diseases associated with smoking are coronary heart disease, stroke, heart attack and cancer. Research has showed that non-smokers enjoy better likelihood of good health compared to their counterparts who smoke.

The good news is our bodies have the ability to heal themselves especially for people who have decided to quit smoking. Actually, the moment you finish your last cigarette, your body immediately begins to reinvigorate itself allowing it to restore its original functions.

What Happens When You Quit Smoking – A Timeline

20 Minutes

Within the first 20 minutes, your pulse and blood pressure will normalize and there will be an increase in temperature in both your hands and feet.  Remember those cold hands and feet?  Well, they will start to be a thing of the past!

8 Hours

There might be some cravings kicking in depending on what and how you have decided to quit.  It’s your body saying, “what’s up?”  So get moving, breathe deeply, clean the house or go to bed! Because….

When 8 hours have elapsed, the Carbon monoxide and Nicotine levels within your body are slashed by half. Oxygen levels go up and normalize once again. When this happens, you become more alert, feel stronger and you’re able to enjoy a good night sleep.



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