What Causes Hot Flashes? And How to Manage

what are hot flashes

What Causes Hot Flashes?

Hot flashes are also known as hot flushes and are a major symptom of menopause. This symptom can be quite difficult for many women during menopause. Hot flashes affect the normal functioning of the body and cause severe heat and perspiration among other symptoms. Hot flashes take place at different times, varying durations and frequency in women and they can occur during the day or night.

what causes hot flashesMenopausal women suffering from hot flashes usually experience a consistent (for them) and unique pattern of symptoms. Some women may experience mild symptoms of hot flashes while others may get severe symptoms a couple of times each day.  Not all women have noticeable hot flashes however when going through menopause.

1Hot Flash Symptoms:

The following are the major hot flash symptoms:

• Instant and intense feeling of heat on the face, torso, arms and at times, the whole body

• Fast or abnormal heartbeat and pulse which includes flushing or redness of neck and face, heart palpitations and perspiration

• Cold chills

• Sleep disorders. This usually takes place at night and it’s known as night sweats.



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