Top 10 must read poetry books in 2020


Reading is a good habit and can be a source to develop intellectual skills. When it comes to choices in reading books – everyone has a different taste related to books. Some will prefer to read non-fiction, history, science, novels or even poetry as well. There are multiple options available online and in stores as well to fuel up the soul with good stuff.

Poetry is considered as the diet for the soul. The poet beautifully described the feelings, emotions and real life situation through poet writing. People are inspired by poetry and love to read quality books in their leisure time. Moreover, to encourage the poetry international association encourage them to make them a part of academia.

If you are looking for the quality material to read in 2020 related to poetry – here are some suggestions that offer inspiration and feel to read and spend some quality time. Look into these must read poetry books to have them in you 2020 collection:

Break your glass slippers by Amanda Lovelace

One of best poets Amanda Lovelace came back in 2020 with one of the amazing additions in the collection “Break your glass slippers”. The characters and story are inspired by a person’s normal life. And after reading this anyone can have related the feelings and situations to his/her life. It is one of the bestselling books for 2020 that you must choose to read.

I hope you stay by Courtney Peppernell

The bestselling author Courtney Peppernell comes with the brand new collection for the fans “I hope you stay”. The book contains the interesting and loving journey from the heartbreak to healing or more to find a new love. The purpose of the author is to give a positive, emotional and strong message for the readers. For all those who love and are interested in reading romance, love and emotions this is the perfect piece to read in 2020.

Swimming lessons by Lili Reinhart

The author Lili Reinhart brings the concept of a new story that depicts the true impression of young love, stress, anxiety, fighting and heartbreak situations and much more together in the new publication “swimming lessons”. The story is about the fight and continuous struggle from the difference and love life problems and how a person fights from the stress that comes in result of heartbreak.

If Men, Then by Eliza Griswold

Eliza Griswold released her another collection, “If Men, then” that covers the reality check of today’s society and trends or perceptions prevailing. The topic covers the world and societal impression as a tragedy in a person’s life especially for the women. It is one of the highlighting collections that has to be in the list of 2020 poetry books.

Postcolonial Love Poem by Natalie Diaz

Natalie Diaz is a best award winner poet and comes up with a new edition in 2020 with an impressive topic. The poem book “Postcolonial Love Poem” described the suffering of American people on a daily basis. It addresses the emotions, feelings as well as communicate the messages that make a change and truly touch the person’s heart. It includes everything about the black and white difference, empowerment rights and how the communities are actually suffering. There is much more included by the poet that makes it potential for the reader to read.

Pale Colors in a Tall Field by Carl Philip

Carl Philip comes up with the new edition in the successful collection. He brings the shades of past and memories elaborate with colors that how the old and past happenings are getting fade and a person moving forwards with the rapid change. Moreover, the book addresses the relatable events of an individual life and how rapidly the time changes and impacts over their lives as well. The author correlates the past, future and present and states all situations with the help of colors. It generally makes it the best poetry book to be in the 2020 collection.

We Inherit What the Fires Left by William Evans

William Evans writes about the emotional content, so the new collection “We Inherit What the Fires Left” brings the emotions, deep down feelings can easily depict in this new edition. The book described how the dreams, positive or negative things are passing rapidly and becoming a part of the past. It also states the differences humans are experiencing with day to day or generation to generation changes. The book reflects how the changes impact on generations and the main character that addresses this poem is black man – what was in the past and how is in today’s society.

Sincerely by F.S. Yousaf

The best edition by F.S. Yousaf in the collection is about the feelings, emotions and connection between humans. “Sincerely” described the human loving and positive relationship. Moreover, it delivers the reader to have faith, be positive and united in every situation. Due to its all positive messages this has to be in the 2020 poetry book list.

Thanku by Miranda Paul

Miranda Paul comes up with the poems “Thanku” that actually deliver the true thankfulness, appreciation impression towards the family, friends and loved ones. It is about the positivity and deliver wide range of ways to deliver that positivity in people around us. This is one of the best poetry book to be in 2020 list.



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