Tips to Find And Maintain Cheap Kitchen Splashbacks


A healthy cooking place requires a kitchen splashback which is defined as the material on the wall above the sink, cooktop or other benchtop space to protect the wall from grease, oil, splashes and other kitchen messes that occur when you are cooking or preparing your food. The premium white toughened glass splashbacks are impactful and heat resistant up to 400°C and are safe to go behind any hob and can be found at cheaper rates although other such cheap kitchen splashbacks are also available in the market.

The Types Of Kitchen Splashbacks

There is a variety of different materials available in this particular product and you can choose any from the lot when you are finalizing your kitchen splashback. But as the quality and design pattern of the splashback becomes better when the price also increases. Not that all can afford an expensive set so cheap kitchen splashbacks are also available on the market to meet the expectation without compromising on the quality which is the minimum requirement of the buyers. Each design will create a different effect so you need to keep this in mind when making your final decision.  Here are some designs of cheap kitchen splashbacks for you to make a choice:

  • Tiles – These are common splashback materials and you can choose between many different colours, shapes and patterns.
  • Glass – Glass splashbacks are in huge demand these days mostly due to the reason that they are highly versatile and hygiene friendly at the same time.
  • Stainless steel – It is a very modern choice for your kitchen splashback whihc can be cleaned and maintained with ease.
  • LED – These splashbacks use LED lights behind a sheet of glass which is an excellent mode of creating an innovative and classy kitchen splashback.
  • Benchtop – These splashbacks simply means that you are continuing the material of your bench top up to become the splashback as well. 
  • Freestanding – Most of the freestanding ovens and cook tops now come with their own splashbacks
  • Mosaic – The mosaic tiles can provide a brilliant feature when used as kitchen splashbacks. .
  • Paint –It it is a very economical one but you need to be sure that it is water-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Timber -It is imperative that the timber is properly sealed to give a beautiful look and is maintained so it is not damaged by water.
  • Acrylic – It is essentially a toughened plastic sheet. You don’t have to ensure that it is fire-rated if you install it behind your cook top, however.

Considerations to Be Made With Kitchen Splashbacks

If you know what kind of splashbacks you want to opt for, you need to keep into consideration about the right kind of maintenance that may require for this and the price of the same as well. Many splashbacks can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth to remove all traces of oil and mess, while others splashbacks may require special cleaning agents to avoid damage or streaks or can even demand extra time to clean. Kitchen being one of the most expensive parts of the home to renovate, select the cheap kitchen splashbacks with care and remain stick to your budget while doing that.

Though the tiles are a generally economical choice but they can break or crack over time so make sure about the durability of your selection.  Glass and stainless steel are a bit expensive options compared to other materials available in the market.  No matter what splashback material you select, always remember to shop around for the best deal and ensure that you get proper delivery and installation.  


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